12 Easy Gourmet Party Food Appetizers

Appetizers are mini meals served to stop whet your appetite before lunch and dinner. Therefore, the snack must to be small and light and it won’t be very satisfying, since you don’t want your guests to eat the appetizers and not be hungry to continue with lunch or dinner. The perfect size will be a bite and the ideal is to look for recipes with ingredients not on the menu so it doesn’t become repetitive.

These can be and hot and cold. If you choose the first option, bet on appetizers that you can prepare a little ahead of time and to which you can give them a final touch of warmth before serving.

When you’re thinking of a special lunch or dinner and want to create a menu, appetizers are great options to whet your appetite. It’s best to get organized mix between hot and cold appetizers with which to start.

Don’t overdo the tarts and vol-au-vents, because you’re either assembling them now or the dough will be soft by the time they reach the table. You can look for other small forms such as cups or teaspoons. There are many dishes that can be served individually and that will not take you long to prepare.
Some classic appetizers, like Iberian ham or a good cheese board, are always profitable options, which basically only require choosing a good raw material and assembling it. Then there are other small dishes that you can prepare ahead of time and leave for lack of assembly at dinner or lunch time.
The idea is that preparing the appetizers leaves you enough time to devote yourself to the main course or bet on a snack meal as a whole. In this case, everything must be prepared separately, so that each diner can decide what they want to eat.
In the gallery you will find below we have proposals of all kinds and types in the shape of a skewer, herbal creams in cups, more classic preparations served in spoons or in crusty rolls. There are a thousand options to enjoy an absolutely spectacular meal!

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