15 Quick and Easy Last Minute Appetizers to Serve for Christmas

Salads, puff pastry, creams, cold cakes or stuffed eggs that do not take more than half an hour to cook

Scorpionfish Cake

Scorpionfish Cake


It’s possible that the increase in Covid infections has forced you to change your Christmas plans, skipping a dinner party, reducing your guest list or making your shopping more difficult. Fortunately, there are plenty of quick and easy appetizers you can make even the same day that don’t require exotic, hard-to-find ingredients.

Below, we attach various recipes such as cold fish pies, holiday salads, pate, tartar or deviled eggs that do not bake for more than half an hour. Take into account!

Christmas salad with quinoa, dates, berries and roasted almonds


Christmas salad with quinoa, dates, blueberries and roasted almonds,

This Christmas-inspired quinoa salad from Chloé Sucrée’s recipe book, Being Biotiful, is a gluten-free, vegan, and super nutritious option this holiday season.



eel salad

An easy, nutritious and light recipe that can solve many dinners or become the first course of larger meals. In the list of suggested ingredients you can add tomatoes or red peppers and you already know that the amount of cayenne depends on how spicy you like it.

Bagels with nuts


Bagels with nuts

Adding nuts to a puff pastry appetizer will make it a little healthier and add a touch of crunch. You can use whatever you like best, from walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds to peanuts and pistachios.

Iberian ham and cheese pate


Iberian ham and cheese pate in the Thermomix

This recipe is easy to prepare and very tasty, perfect for spreading on toasted slices of bread or filling tarts. You can use different breads and so the dish is more varied, for example, integral, corn or with raisins.

Mussel patty


Homemade mussel pate

For this appetizer you do not need to buy fresh mussels, but you can prepare them with canned. It is easy, fast and original, as well as cheap. If you prefer, you can add some of your favorite spices.

Scorpionfish Cake


Microwaveable Scorpion Cake

This scorpion fish cake cooked in the microwave oven will surprise you in all its aspects. It is easy and successful to prepare, very quick to prepare with basic ingredients and with a delicious taste.

Shrimp and tuna cake


Shrimp Cake with Tuna in the Microwave

This shrimp and tuna cake is perfect as an appetizer, and with the help of the microwave, you’ll have it ready in minutes. Accompany it with a pink sauce, a shrimp and some dill and its presentation will be even more delicious.

Eggs stuffed with crab


Deviled Crab Eggs

There is no appetizer or side dish worth its salt with some poached eggs. The combinations are endless, from the classic stuffed canned tuna, shrimp with sauce remoulade or the ones with crab that we recommend.

Blue cheese stuffed mushrooms


Mushrooms stuffed with blue cheese and walnuts

Mushrooms are so versatile that they adapt to a thousand and one preparations, but stuffed is a classic that never fails. It is recommended to wipe them with a damp cloth instead of washing them, but if you decide to run them with water, you should prepare them immediately.

roasted cherry tomatoes


Roasted cherry tomatoes in the microwave

Cherry tomatoes are a very versatile fruit since we can eat them cooked or uncooked, as salad material or as an accompaniment to any dish. Cooking them in the microwave is a quick and easy way to have them ready in no time.

Garlic and chilli prawns


Garlic and chilli prawns

The amount of garlic and chili is very personal, so you can add or subtract, but keep in mind that one of the secrets of the dish is that the flavor of the garlic is quite noticeable and not so much that of the chili.

Red shrimp tartare


red shrimp tartare

Accompany the tartar with a sprig of wasabi, which will give the dish an oriental touch, or some sun-dried tomatoes, if you’re looking for a more Mediterranean option. You can also reverse this recipe and turn it into carpaccio if, instead of chopping them, you choose to crush the shrimp with a kitchen roll

Spicy beef tartare


Spicy beef tartare

The secret of the recipe lies in the way the meat is cut, but also in the selected cut: the best cut, according to some experts, is the brisket, since it has little fat and tendons, which makes it easier to cut and helps preserve the flavor and its texture.

Kohlrabi cream with bones


Kohlrabi cream with bones

Kohlrabi is a light green or purple (depending on the variety) bulb with leaves that are also eaten. Its texture is crunchy and its taste is slightly sweet. a mix between turnip, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and a touch of radish. Try it with this recipe accompanied by bones.

Ham and cheese rolls


Ham and cheese rolls

The filling of these rolls can vary depending on the taste: different cheeses, salmon, etc. Although you can also prepare them in a sweet version with chocolate, apple, nuts…

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