3 Milk Cakes in a MICROWAVE OVEN!, to prepare this delicious dessert in minutes

probably one of the desserts The most exquisite and delicious we have in life, without a doubt this is the tres leches cake. Since I have the use of logic and that I started to test it dessertsI realized that there was nothing better than delicious than this kind of cake, because it had everything necessary to provide happiness to palate and few people will really be able to deny it, because there is no way to do it.

The only problem we found piehonestly, it’s that it’s one of the more complex choices to make, maybe until now. And, it turns out, we apparently found a super simple and easy recipe to make at home using just one of the Utensils that we love the most, that’s right, we’re talking about your famous and unique microwavehimself who does not know how to fail.

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