5 easy, cheap and delicious potato cake recipes

The potato cake is a resource to consider for organizing your meals from day to day but also may be served on special occasions if we take care of the presentation.

There are fillings as diverse as you can imagine, and almost every ingredient goes well with potatoes. There’s vegetable pie, fish pie, meat pie and, of course, potato pie and cheese pie.

The neutral taste of potatoes and smooth and creamy texture make them the perfect base to let your imagination run free and invent the most daring and delicious fillings. They can even be prepare recipes for use other edits!

Whether there is a baked potato pie which always triumphs among your guests as if you have never made them before, these 5 recipes are for you.

Is easy to make and they will give you lots of ideas on how to prepare them Baked Potato Cake Recipes or baked. You will definitely find what you want to try today.

1. Pie with spinach and potato

Spinach and potato pie

All potato cakes have a few common first steps, that of cooking the potato to prepare a delicious homemade mash.

In this recipe, spinach and potato cake, the cake has a filling that invites you to eat vegetables in a different and more appetizing way.

It is a combination based on spinach, raisins and bacon. The contrast of the three flavors with the neutral potato base is simply spectacular.

In addition, the presentation has a plus, the tufts of puree that are au gratin in the oven.

2. Potato cake with eggplant ratatouille

Potato cake and eggplant ratatouille

Another way to top your potato cake is with eggplant ratatouille. In this case, the cake has a rectangular shape that allows it to be cut more easily.

It will disappear as soon as you bring it to the table! To make your cake juicier, potatoes should be mixed with butter and milk when mashed.

The filling is ratatouille, or fried, as you prefer to call it tomato, onion and eggplant.

3. Baked cod and potato pie

Baked cod and potato pie

Not only vegetables liven up these savory cakes. This potato cake has an original cod filling and is baked with very thin slices of tomato on top.

Not only are they garnished, but they also give it a note of flavor that goes perfectly with that of the fish and potatoes, which is why they alternate with the layers of stuffing, mash and fish béchamel.

4. Fillet filled potato pie

Potato pie stuffed loin

If the previous filling was prepared with fish, this one is prepared with meat. Specifically, it is a potato cake stuffed with pork fillet.

This is a delicious and inexpensive ingredient that will surely win over your guests. This is a sliced ​​potato cake, so you need to cut the meat into small cubes so that when you serve it, it does not spoil.

It is cooked with a classic tomato and onion sauce and then the potato slices are placed in the mold, filled and baked.

5. Potato Cupcakes with Vegetables

Potato pasta with vegetables

These Vegetable Potato Cakes are a complete recipe, so we can completely customize them to our liking.

We only need a few leftovers of cooked vegetables, for example, from making a stock. We combine them with boiled potatoes and a sauce to which we can also add bacon, put them in pastry rings and that’s it.

If you want to make potato and cheese cakes you can also add some of your favorite grated cheese to the mixture and also put some on top to grate them in the oven.

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