A tour of Castellón gastronomy by Maestrat, interior of aníma

The Mediterranean culture is present in every culinary proposal of the tourist destination Maestro, inner soul. Delving into the northern interior of the Castellón province recovers the flavors of the land, traditional recipes and products whose processing is the result of the effort and dedication of local producers.

The twelve municipalities that make up Maestro, inner soul – Càlig, Canet lo Roig, Cervera del Maestre, La Jana, Rossell, Sant Jordi, Sant Mateu, San Rafael del Río, Tírig, Traiguera, Vilar de Canes and Xert – have their own gastronomic identity and visiting them is an experience for the palate. It is what, touristically, is known as gastronomy, gastronomy with soul

Olive tourism, oil production and conservation

Maestrat Oil Tourism
Master Tastings

Although it is often interpreted that “liquid gold” gets this name because of its color, it actually refers to the cost of its artisanal production process, from harvesting the olive, turning it into oil and preserving it. Maestro, inner soul offers tourists various experiences related to oil such as, on the one hand, guided tours of oil interpretation centers in Cervera del Maestre, Sant Mateu and Vilar de Canes and, on the other hand, the possibility to get to know the fields of centuries-old olive trees and the olive mills and to enjoy oil tastings in municipalities such as Calig, Trigger, Canet lo Roig, La Jana and Sant Mateuwhere there is also the possibility of buying the local product.

Wine tourism, at the service of the most refined palates

Maestrat wine tourism

Wine had and still has a unique importance in the whole of its gastronomy Maestro, inner soul. With a mainly rain-fed agriculture, wine is part of the life and customs of the local people. Viticulture is a traditional activity that, over the years, has incorporated cutting-edge techniques and has given the opportunity to local producers, who started out dedicated to self-consumption, to expand by exhibiting their product in wineries, shops and restaurants. of the area.

The red, white, rosé, sparkling and sweet wines you can find San Mateo or those of the Macabeo, Tempranillo, Garnacha, Cariñena, Merlot and Syrah varieties made in Canet lo Roig, added to the task of recovering extinct varieties such as morenillo in Calig, give an account of the territory’s wide offering and its quality. Visiting the vineyards or participating in their tastings is a reality open to visitors.

In addition, given the important wine culture of the region, it is possible to further explore the origins and roots of wine production by going to the interpretation centers dedicated to this product in San Mateo and to Sant Jordi.

The carob, reinventing the most versatile product

Maestrat carobs

The carob is linked to the Mediterranean and therefore could not be missing from the cupboard of the tourist destination Maestro, inner soul. Although it is largely unknown, it is used in various culinary preparations, especially in desserts as a healthier alternative to chocolate, but also in the preparation of bread and sauces. June is the month of the carob and inside Master’s Cervera They pay tribute to it with their special culinary days, where you can try unique and quirky dishes based on this food.

Cheese, artisanal and ecological product

Master Cheeses

If there is one product that captures the concept of craftsmanship, it is cheese. The process of making this culinary jewel of the northern hinterland of the province begins with the care of the sheep on the farms. The Maestrat area is known for the quality of its cheeses and, in addition to tasting them in the restaurants of the area, tourists are invited to get involved in the cheese-making process. Take workshops, visit cheese factories or attend a cheese tasting Canet lo Roig or inside Xertwhere the tourist is also given the opportunity to graze a flock of sheep, is only the beginning of what the tourist destination offers around this product.

The almond, for sweet and savory dishes

Master Almond

It is the dried fruit with the longest tradition in Maestrat. Almond trees are not only a sight to behold, especially when in bloom, but their fruit is consumed in a thousand possible ways: raw, in savory recipes, in sweets and cakes, and even in the form of cream and soup. The local variety is the marcona almond and in Tirig, a municipality with a long confectionery tradition, occupies a primeval position. You’ll also find it combined with honey in a sweet coke long tradition at Maestrat.

Sweet and traditional flavors

Every culinary experience deserves to end with a dessert to match. The bakeries and bakeries of each municipality in the region offer dishes whose recipes have been passed down from generation to generation. The coquettes of San Antoni and Santa Caterina, pastiche with chocolate filling, sweet potato, cottage cheese, coca de mel or farinose, among others, are some of the products you can try on the sweet route through Maestrat.

his locker Master, soul inside worth a visit. Sit at the table of any of the restaurants of the twelve municipalities of the region is a delight, a discovery and a way of appreciating the flavors of the land.

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