Bittermut, an aperitif or cocktail as simple as it is refreshing and delicious


Some weekends, especially in the summer, we like to prepare a appetizer with ice to accompany some light snacks, because with the high temperatures that’s what you want. There are times when we make classic cocktails and other times we improvise with what we have available and one of the times we wanted to cool off with a low alcohol drinkbut with a lot of aroma, combining the highly appetizing sweet and sourwe prepare a pained.

Don’t think that we invented the name, or that we already knew it, it was today that we discovered that our drink had already been invented (of course, we are not surprised). The fact is that we believe that if we enjoy an aperitif by combining Bitter kas and vermouth, why not share it with you in case you want to try it, so the first thing we did, apart from the photos and enjoy the appetizer, was to do a short search on the internet and it was Bitter Kas + vermouth is Bittermut, an aperitif or cocktail as simple as it is refreshing and delicious.

We usually prepare it cocktail with the eye, depending on the day we can have fun with more or less vermouth, which offers more sweetness. In any case, below we’ll list the approximate amount we serve in a rocks glass, you know, a very versatile lowball glass for serving cocktails and appetizers with lots of ice. Feel free to try it appetizer putting the proportions of the two drinks of your choice, but do not miss it natural orange and olives.

Materials (per person)

  • 2 large ice cubes
  • 1 whole orange slice
  • 3 pitted green olives
  • 50 ml sweet red vermouth
  • c/n Picrou Kas.


Put them ice in rocks glassCut the orange into two half moons and place one in the glass and one on the rim.

Thread the olives onto a toothpick and place it in the glass. drop it sweet red vermouth first.

Finish by filling the glass with Bitter Kas very cold.

End and presentation

The the appetizer is ready to serve, enjoy Bitter Kas with vermouth or Bittermut with whoever you want to share it with and don’t miss out on something to eat to go with it. Good appetite!

c/s = tablespoon
c/p = sweet of the spoon
c/c = teaspoon
c/n = Quantity required

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