broccoli and carrot burgers

The burger They are a delicacy and an ideal dish to get out of the routine, especially on weekends, but they come in all shapes and sizes. The vegan Y vegetarians They can also eat hamburgers, since there are not only meat or chicken hamburgers, there are hundreds of mixes that can form a delicious hamburger.

The possibilities for making hamburgers without using meat products are endless. On this occasion, we will deal with it broccoli as a protagonist, except carrot, onion and garlic that will give it extra flavor and juiciness. This is a great snack as well as healthy, suitable for vegetarian diets and ideal for children to increase their intake vegetables in a more entertaining way. Don’t be left without trying them, they are delicious and you can make them your own with the vegetables you like best.

For this reason in digital freedom We went into the kitchen to research new recipes for vegan burgers. Grab a pen and paper and get ready to indulge your palate with them broccoli and carrot burgers.


  • a broccoli
  • a carrot
  • egg
  • three tablespoons of rice flour
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • cumin
  • thyme
  • sweet paprika


The first thing you need to do is boil the broccoli and when it’s ready, cut it into very small pieces. Then pour it into a bowl.

Add the grated carrot, egg, flour and spices. Mix well until well incorporated.

The next step is to shape the hamburgers, it’s very simple, first we make balls in the size we want and then flatten each one. When we cook them, we can bake them on parchment paper or in a non-stick pan without oil. We accompany with what we like best and ready to enjoy.

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