CBN and Pepsi’s DeliFest open their doors to taste at Expokruz –

The festival takes place at Expocruz from Friday 16 to Sunday 25 of this month, offering a proposal of flavors and music in one place.

Holger López, CBN’s National Director of Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Santa Cruz .- Cervecería Boliviana Nacional (CBN), together with Pepsi, organized the 5th edition of DeliFest, this time at the 46th edition of Expocruz, with the aim of creating an urban culinary festival, with different culinary proposals and the experience of tasting them accompanied by refreshing Pepsi.

In 2020, at the start of the pandemic, Delivery Fest was launched, a fast food festival that sought to encourage the reactivation of the culinary sector by promoting the consumption of Bolivian restaurants. More than 47 thousand combos were sold across the country, through the different delivery platforms available. This platform was so successful that, in the same year, the second edition dealt with very attractive financial movements in more than 435 restaurants. DeliFest arrives in 2021, where in addition to delivery, the allied restaurants offered the experience in their spaces by opening their doors again.

In this edition, DeliFest completes a tasting campaign and at its stand at the country’s most important multi-sector exhibition, three restaurants offer six different dishes paired with a soft drink.

“The bell GO OUT TO THE WORLD WITH PEPSI, launched last June, highlighting the flavors of different cities in Bolivia. A great challenge to discover or rediscover the way of eating. We show that for Pepsi there is no perfect way, intact recipes or sacred places or moments. Everything goes. Food between meals? is going. Elbows on the table? is going. No table? It also goes, every corner, every plate and every bite, is an opportunity to find something you didn’t know you’d love. This is how we capture what we discover on our taste journeys at our booth,” he pointed out. Holger LopezCBN’s national director of Non-Alcoholic Beverages.

The festival is celebrated from Friday 16 to Sunday 25 of this month. Participating restaurants offer different combinations (hamburgers, nachos, tacos, pizzas and empanadas), along with a soft drink (Pepsi, Guarana, H2Oh! or 7UP), for a single price of Bs. 35.

“Thank you again to the population that participated in this important activity and allowed us, together with the agency #LolaGroup, to thank them with this explosion of tasteadded López, noting that, in this version of the festival, restaurants Del Barrio Way, El Beber Burger and D15 are participating. “We invite the population to continue participating in DeliFest at Expocruz and in doing so continue to discover that meals in Bolivia go much better with Pepsi,” the executive concluded.

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