Chocolate cake: easy and not so easy recipes that always turn out good

Few jams are as popular as a chocolate cake. From the plain and simple brown sponge cake, to a sophisticated cake decorated with glossy black sauce, chocolate cake is always a hit.

Here are some tempting chocolate cake recipes to surprise you. And don’t miss the tips below the recipes.

Super easy chocolate cake.
Super easy chocolate cake.Shutterstock

It is a homemade sponge cake made from pure cocoa that can be transformed into a birthday cake or a cake with a chocolate ganache filling. The ingredients are measured in a glass and it is perfect for display at all kinds of celebrations and gatherings. This very easy chocolate cake can be made with dark chocolate and it always turns out well because it has the intense taste that honors cocoa. The his recipe super easy chocolate cake It’s done quickly, so it’s an option you should always keep in mind.

Chocolate cake with La Querendona fudge
Chocolate cake with La Querendona fudgeKindness The Sea

This chocolate cake drenched in chocolate sauce and covered in glitter fudge also the chocolate is a real treat. Ideal for lovers of the Aztec delicacy, since it is made with the purest cocoa. It carries 2.7 kg of chocolate, mousse, sponge cake and dulce de leche. This chocolate cake dipped in chocolate sauce and covered is sweetness with the best quality guaranteed. Light in texture, despite its sauces and fillings, the The embedded chocolate cake “La Querendona” is a pastry gem created by Guillermo Roque Castro, chef at La Mar, where it is part of the dessert menu. The Chocolate Dipped Cake Recipe It is ideal to do when you want to entertain someone very dear to you.

Betunoire: chocolate cake with hazelnut praline, by Damián Betular.
Betunoire: chocolate cake with hazelnut praline, by Damián Betular.Courtesy of Stella Artois Noire

Betunoire chocolate cake recipes created by Damián Betular, the pastry chef who gained popularity for his work as a judge on MasterChef Celebrity, It has several characteristic ingredients that make it unique. One of them is dark chocolate which goes perfectly with the coffee and chocolate notes that the cake has. Based on the flavor of roasted malt, hazelnuts were also added to the praline of its second filling. Caution: as the quantities are very precise, for this Chocolate cake recipe by Damián Betular It is necessary to use a kitchen scale.

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