Christmas appetizers: 3 original, delicious and super easy ideas

In the political parties end of the year, beginning with the celebration of Christmas Eve and – after the 12th – Christmasfood is never missing. It’s the time when everyone takes the opportunity to share some of their own specialties with the family.

The appetizer They are served before dinner and there are many varieties, for taste and pleasure. They are small pieces for “tweak“And fool the stomach, talk.

If you want to surprise your guests on the 24th, you will love these ideas suggested by the Mundo Deportivo site, as they are original, delicious and extremely easy to prepare.

Goat cheese with raspberry jam

A very simple appetizer to make for Christmas. The easy version of the recipe consists of combining both elements on toast or a slice of bread. You can also process a little more and bake the goat cheese for a few minutes in the oven before adding the jam, to achieve a unique texture and taste.

Stuffed eggs au gratin

There are endless recipes for stuffed eggs, in this case, they are presented with tuna, fried tomato and cooked ham. First you need to cook the eggs, cut them in half and remove the yolk, which you will also add as an ingredient to the pasta to fill it.

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On the other hand, you have to prepare a béchamel sauce to cover the eggs and put them in the gratin in the oven. When they are well browned, you can take them out and serve them on your Christmas table.

Foie toast, onion jam, caramelized apple and parmesan

These easy appetizers will surprise everyone. It is about the preparation of the toast crust with foie gras, onion jam, caramelized apple and parmesan.


Although it is a traditional combination, cheese with quince can also become a great idea for preparing Christmas canapés: with an original cut of both foods and a well-made presentation, you can turn something very simple into an original appetizer.

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You can also accompany the quince and cheese with some nuts like walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, etc.

Ham, mozzarella and mango rolls

This Christmas appetizer is perfect to prepare and face a full menu. The combination of ham and cheese, in this case Serrano and Mozzarella, is classic, but we also add a touch of freshness with some mango.

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