Cracked eggs with chickpeas and chickpeas, make a meal in 10 minutes

There is no more popular recipe to share with friends in Spain than some cracked eggs. So it is and anyone who says otherwise is lying. It is also true that there are many ways to prepare them and that there are some from very destructive poops to some that turned into very bites gourmetspherical and all almost like a deconstructed tortilla by Ferran AdriĆ .

But what are cracked eggs? It is a dish whose name says it all: anything in the base and some fried eggs on top to crack and mix with whatever you’ve put underneath. The most classic ones, the ones that are not missing from any menu in the restaurants in the center of Madrid, have potatoes and ham, but since Castilla is big, the possibilities are what our memory, the fridge or our desire gives us.

The most famous, under their own name, are the Lucio-style broken eggs (from Casa Lucio, Madrid) which only have eggs and potatoes and it’s strange because it’s fair to say that there are other places that know them as fried eggs . But it comes down to the same thing. A bit more contemporary are tuna tartare omelettes, although, on second thought, could we say two eggs over some Manchego ratatouille omelette with ratatouille? And so much yes. Although it has more ratatouille on the bottom and only one egg on top, we should call it “ratua with egg”. This is how things are.

The beauty of this dish is that the eggs are broken at the table, and that’s exactly where the recipe differs from an egg omelet or any other omelet, be it spinach, mushrooms, shrimp or spring vegetables. For this recipe, the ingredients are simple and few, so it’s perfect to solve in ten minutes and have a hearty meal ready.

At the base, some chopped fresh chistorra sausage which could also be black pudding, sauteed chicken or even some kidneys. Then some beans already fried, the kind that come in a good can preserved in oil, which could be replaced with some green asparagus or some mushrooms. The addition of potato potato chips of the bag will give it a crispy and very good roll in the final set and all that will be left is to fry the eggs. Easy, right?

Omelet recipe with beans and dates

Egg omelette with chickpeas and chickpeas


  • Sausage, 100 g

  • Free range eggs, 2 units

  • Extra virgin olive oil, plenty for frying

  • Potato chips, a handful

  • Baby beans in oil, 150 g

  • Salt, without

Step 1

Cut the chistorra into portions of about two centimeters. We spread the historra in a large pan and start heating it. Without any oil, the fat that the histora renders in the pan will be more than enough. Cook on medium heat, so that it browns on the outside and cooks on the inside. For about 5 minutes.

Step 2

Drain the beans well and even wash them in cold water to remove any residual jar flavor. Add them to the pan and mix with the history for a few minutes. To brown slightly but have a good temperature. Finally, we add the chips slightly crushed with our hands. You won’t need to add a lot of salt for this recipe.

Step 3

Heat plenty of olive oil in a deep frying pan until very hot. Add the clove of garlic with the skin, slightly broken, and let it dance in the hot oil for half a minute. Then break the egg into the very hot oil and let it fry on its own without touching it for 40 seconds. After this time, remove and sprinkle some salt on top.

Step 4

Serve the sauteed chistorra, beans and chips in a pot, plate or tray and top with the freshly fried eggs. Break the eggs and mix everything well.

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