Donuts Burger, the new way to eat hamburgers that hits the grid

With vegan meat, with crazy sauces, with cheese from outside… Just when we thought we’d seen it all in his world burgersthey go and flood the networks with the new and crazy trend of this American dish: the donut burgers.

it’s open Tik Tok either Instagramwe begin to immerse ourselves in his fascinating world porn food where many very appetizing recipes of all kinds of dishes appear.

One of the latest trends in chains is this hamburger where the classic bread is replaced by two donuts that close the sandwich. One of those inventions that, although we find it somewhat suspicious, makes us want to take a little bite of it.

The original Donuts of a lifetime

If you start preparing a hamburger with donuts, at least it should be authentic and with the best qualities of each of the ingredients. To do this, the hamburger chain TGI Fridays has allied with donuts in order to incorporate the taste of these lifelong donuts into the quality and popularity of their hamburgers.

This is the first hamburger made with the unique Donuts® and original Whiskey Glaze sauce, a claim for these hamburgers.

Inspired by the traditional mixes of sweet and savory American cuisine, this burger made with a donut is a juicy burger beef with bacon, onion, cajun, cheddar cheese, pickles and Fridays® Secret Whiskey Glaze sauce.

The best? This served between two donuts which reveal a whole universe of delicious and surprising contrasts that leave no one indifferent.

If you’re one of those people whose hamburger and fries menu needs to be accompanied by a sweet dessert to feel the full experience, why not combine it and eat it right away to feel the fusion of flavors in our mouths? We join the plan.

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