Easy and quick desserts to make at home with the kids

Cooking with kids is one of the best vacation plans you can make as a family. For little ones to learn about ingredients, help in the kitchen and get excited about the preparation and above all eating what they have prepared themselves is a wonderful idea. And even more so when they are easy and quick desserts made at home.

Irini Cooks Sweets for You

We have chosen from our favorite blogger kitchens 8 easy dessert recipes perfect for this super plan at home. Cookies, buns, cakes and even homemade fries for the coming days of Easter. Don’t forget to take a look at their blogs and social media accounts to discover many more suggestions, you definitely can’t stop at just one!

Irene cooks for you

Baci dei Dama

Just because of their appearance, it is worth encouraging yourself to prepare them bacis dei ma’am so ideal. Irene cooks for you ensures that it is tempting and completely addictive, for both children and adults. Moreover, it seems the perfect idea to wear as a detail in a visit, as well as to serve them to our guests.

Ines de Domingo Juan

homemade pancakes

Inés de Domingo prepares us for Holy Week with this recipe for homemade donuts. But any proposal on her blog is as attractive as it is beautiful, thanks to the delicate and precious photographs she takes. Biscuits, bundt cakes, cookies, dorayakis… Take a look, take note! There’s sure to be more than one recipe you’ll want to cook at home.

Mary Cosbell

Pumpkin Nutella Muffins

For most chocolates, Mary Cosbell Prepare these original and delicious cupcakes with an ingredient that will surely conquer everyone: cocoa cream. Pumpkin and Nutella, they will fascinate you and they are ready in the blink of an eye. The step by step is extremely simple, so the kids will have fun and get excited waiting for the result.

Oh My Mum – Belén Llorente

Cookie “trick” without oven

It was Belén’s son, from Oh My Mum, who christened this recipe cookies as a “trick” cookie without an oven. Yes, yes, you heard right. We don’t need an oven to make delicious “magic trick” cookies. Save the recipe because she assures us that we will have a good time with the little ones and, moreover, they are very tasty.

Recipes to be happy

The easiest buns

“It’s never been so easy to prepare tender buns, ideal for dipping with milkfor breakfast or snack”. If you follow the steps of Recipes to Be Happy to enjoy this recipe that we think is essential to have at home. And if you go through his blog, surely among his sweet and savory suggestions you will find many things you want to do for your family.

Baker is looking for a husband

Bones cake and Kinder Buena

His Instagram account is a real bane for lovers of sweets and especially chocolate. Reposterito Busca Husband publishes his gourmet and original creations so that his followers cannot resist preparing them. We are left with this bone cake and Kinder Bueno which you will have ready in half an hour.

The Healthy Foodie by Bea Nieto

healthy chocolate chip cookies

What child (and adult) can resist them healthy chocolate chip cookies of Paw Patrol characters? Thehealthyfoodie by Bea Nieto knows how to prepare great recipes with healthy ingredients, teaching us to enjoy food without giving up on self-care. You can also make them with your favorite characters and shapes.

The Fairy Chimney

Cheesecake with red fruits

Laura from La Chimenea de las Hadas got this recipe from our Cocina Fácil website cheesecake with red fruits which besides being very good is also so beautiful. A good trick is to freeze the decorative fruit to give the final presentation that irresistible touch that everyone in the house will be amazed by. Do you dare to prepare it these days?

aim more sweet recipes to make with the kids of the house A fun, healthy design with which you can learn and spend beautiful moments with the family.

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