Extremaduran widow’s crumb recipe from Beatriz Cocina

The preparations are very simple. Following the instructions of Beatriz Cocina, we will pour the water into the bag of bread, so that the crumb is well soaked. We are having a massage. As for the garlic, we will leave some peeled and some peeled and chopped. The same with the peppers: we will cut the fresh ones into pieces, while we will leave the dry ones as they are. A cauldron or a cooking pot would be ideal. We’ll put the heat on medium and when the oil is hot, add the garlic, peppers and a little salt to help them brown. When everything is poached, Beatriz Cocina suggests adding the paprika, followed immediately by a little water “to extinguish and not burn.” We will mix well to infuse everything with the taste and color of our red gold. Add the sauteed breadcrumbs and dried pepper and mix well, “from the bottom up,” advises the cook, until everything is an even shade. It’s just a matter of patience, because you don’t have to stop mixing. The crumbs will dry out and shrink in size, so lower the heat to prevent them from burning. We can also add salt, even though the bread already comes with it. Beatrix does. And when they’re all the same color, loose and dry, we’re done. To enjoy!

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