Fiestas Patrias recipe for vegans | What can I use in a roast? Ideas for a vegan roast or grill


See how to prepare a vegan roast without meat and without animal products.

vegan roast
vegan roast

Next week the festivities begin. National Holidays, one of the most anticipated dates of Chileans. At this time of year it is very common to celebrate together customs and typical foods.

In the celebration of September 18 it is typical to family roasts. This can be complicated for those who are vegetarian or vegan. But the truth is that these days the market is full of alternative products for those who do not eat meat or food of animal origin.

See below how to prepare a vegan roast.

What can I prepare in a vegan roast?

A traditional barbecue contains foods of animal origin, such as meat, chicken, hamburgers or sausages. Fortunately, all of these options have a vegan or vegetarian version.

For example, if you want to prepare a choripán, you can grill a longaniza or chorizo of the brand Rikkü, Doña Rosita, Vegusta or Lightlife. You can also accompany vegan mayonnaise.

if you want, go ahead grilled hamburgers, You can find different options for all tastes in the various supermarkets of the country, from hamburgers made from soy proteineven others prepared with legumes or gluten flour.

You can also replace a piece of meat with it Vegan Grill by Mr. Veggie, a piece of seitan or marinated tofu with your favorite spices.

And if you want your grill to be much more colorful, you can add vegetables like onion, mushrooms, carrot, squash or potatoes.

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