Find out what Murcians’ favorite beef burger is

Post the real beef burger It hides much more than a round piece of minced meat accompanied by 1% salt, parsley or garlic. And it’s been a long time since the hamburger has occupied the culinary position it deserves, winning the palate and heart of all kinds of dinersnot only from younger audiences, and leaving behind the junk food queen sanbenito.

More and more chefs are encouraged to make the hamburger art and nowadays it is difficult to find a restaurant that does not have it among its gourmet proposals.

Discarlux, its pioneer high quality beef and aged beefoffers its customers a E-shop through which to purchase with all its facilities personalized attention and home sales servicefrom the comfort of our home, always ensuring the seal of quality and receiving orders at between 48 and 72 hours.

Now you can get, with a 25% discount on the original price, the Barbecue package for 2 people (1 beef steak (0.7KG) + 0.5KG female churrasco + 1 creole chorizo ​​+ 1 homemade chorizo ​​+ chistorra) only €45.90 + VAT with shipping costsusing the code “twopi”.

The barbecue package for 2 (1 veal steak (0.7 KG) + 0.5 KG annual female churrasco + 1 creole chorizo ​​+ 1 homemade chorizo ​​+ chistorra) for only €45.90 + VAT

Also, you can benefit from all of these discounts to continue enjoying the best Discarlux meat at the best price.

The best beef burgers, at the touch of a button

Discarlux hamburgers are made 100% with excellent quality beef and from noble cuts, from farms selected for animal welfare and good practice.

European Mini Cow Burgers are perfect for the little ones around the house Lisa Gomez

Discarlux puts quality above quantity and offers them in itself E-shop different types burgers depending on the tastes and preferences of each consumer. The mini European beef patties are ideal for the little ones of the house, while Artisan beef burgers 180 grams They are tender and have a strong flavor. They are very flexible and allow you to experiment with them to surprise a thousand and one recipes.

If your goal is to show it to everyone the hamburger can also be a gourmet dish, you have to select it finister burger. Discarlux, supporter of the Fisterra Bovine World project, which is responsible I breed cows from the 13 best breeds in the world on a Galician farm, Offers the Fisterra Bovine World Burger package, featuring a selection of fine ingredients.

Because if we want to get the perfect burger, the best meat must be accompanied by high quality products. So in this package, meat from the Ames estate Accompanied by one hundred thirty degree brioche bread, Fromage cheese, seasonal tomatoes and Huerta de Carabaña rocket, smoked extra virgin arbequino olive oil from Castillo de Canena, a jar of meat mayonnaise with roasted garlic, wine onion and homemade barbecue sauce with pickles. a real treat which has nothing to envy to the best hamburger in the world, and this is it available on the Discarlux website for 59 euros.

This is how the best hamburger beef is made

  • An excellent raw material is not enough to be able to enjoy a genuine hamburger premium. It is also important to do a careful editing process that takes into account the small details. That’s how he analyzes Discarlux the best beef for burgers:

  • They choose from the origin and every week the best cuts of old cow and ox.

  • The meat they use is a mature cow (between 15/20 days old). From the selected cows (those with the highest amount of filtered fat) they use his front room. From that place they pick the fin, the needle, the shoulder, the bench, the barrel… and mix them well with the fat from the brisket.

  • They work in a very cold environment (between 0 and 2 degrees) so that the meat does not stick together. That’s why it’s also important do not chop too much which will allow the hamburger to not be pasty when cooked and have a “good bite”.

  • Once the burger is done, it should try not to make the hamburger too compact, meticulously taking care of the “formation process”. With this goal, Discarlux delivers a craft process using a machine that, non-industrial, allows him to give the hamburger the proper compression intensity.

  • The end result is a much looser hamburger, ready to be cooked and eaten, too they are completely different from those that are packaged industrially.

Discarlux meat, the main ingredient of the best hamburgers in Spain

Founded in 2005 by Carlos Ronda and José Portas, Discarlux serves butchers, supermarkets and many of the most famous restaurants in Spain. In fact, The origin of one of the best hamburgers in Madrid lies in the selection of meats at Discarlux.

Good lean from Discarlux

Vanessa San Joseph is the executive chef and owner, along with Alexandra Galvis, of the bistro, where you can taste what was named the “Best Gourmet Hamburger in Spain 2021”, “La Palma”, Made with 100% Marela beef aged dry aged by Discarlux. “The secret of a good hamburger lies in cooperation quality products and we put a lot of love into their preparation.” confirms San José, who also explains that quality is fundamental for the result to be excellent. “Of course, you also have to know how to treat the meat, because a good product treated in the wrong way can ruin the dish,” concludes the chef of La Bistroteca.

Product care is something they also take into consideration The vistromia. 180 grams of Galician aged beef, bourbon fried flambe onions, 14 month old cheddar cheese, smoked butter Korean chili sauce and super crispy smoked bacon combine to make this mouth-watering dish the local best-selling hamburger.

Better quality meats thanks to Discarlux

When asked about those things that people often overlook when making a good burgerVanessa San José emphasizes its importance Always use high quality meat. Additionally, “it’s important to choose any other ingredients well, such as cheeses, and not overuse sauces, as too much can overshadow the rest of the flavors.”

If you want to live and make your own gourmet burger at home, Discarlux makes it easier than ever. Visit their website and in between 48 and 72 hours you will be able to enjoy the best raw material of the market at your home.

Don’t hesitate and get it now Barbecue package for 2 people (1 veal steak (0.7 kg) + 0.5 kg female churrasco + 1 creole chorizo ​​+ 1 homemade chorizo ​​+ chistorra) only €45.90 + VAT, shipping included, (25% discount at the initial value) using the code “twopi”.

In addition, you can continue to enjoy the best Discarlux meat at the best price using all of these discounts.

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