Five vegetable cream recipes that will make even the little ones go crazy

During summer What we want most are foods that help us fight it heat: salmorejo or gazpacho, salads, cold cakes, etc. However, during the autumn and winter What the body asks most from us is spoon disheslike soupsThe puree wavy herbal creams. On this occasion, we chose this last option and present you several recipes What is super easy of doing. Also, it’s a lot beneficial for our organization.

Pumpkin cream to start this fall

“THE pumpkin is rich in fiber (soluble, producing an effect satisfying and laxative), carbohydrates Y potassium. also contains calcium, magnesium, Vitamin A, do, AND Y B carotenethe latter is responsible for the pumpkin’s orange color, and is a antioxidant which helps to eliminate Free Radicals preventing it cellular aging“, explain it Spanish Heart Foundation. In short, it is a very healthy and nutritious food.

And the best thing is that you can prepare a delicious one pumpkin cream. To do this, use the pressure cooker or, if you prefer, let it cook slowly in a regular pot. Follow the channel recipe Cooking with Carmenwhose components is: 550 gr pumpkin100 gr leek, Water100 gr potatoes100 gr oniona tooth of Garlic, olive oil, vegetable stock cube, Salt and two servings cheeses.

Carrot cream to start this fall

To warm up, you can also do one carrot cream. We recommend that you follow the steps that his channel explains Masito’s kitchenwhich has more than 850,000 subscribers. The components you need is: one kilo carrotsfive potatoes not too big, one onion60 milliliters of it olive oil, Salt and a liter Water. And don’t forget to keep the blender handy.

The reason for this proposal has to do with the fact that the carrot is very rich in Vitamin Awhich contributes to his care teeth and web seoexcept to preserve it healthy skin. This is known as retinol, which produces its pigments Retina of the eye and makes us have better vision.

Pumpkin cream to start this fall

Angle Pharmacy ensures that the pumpkin It is a vegetable with properties antioxidants and this helps to control it bad cholesterolas well as taking care of her bone health. This last point is due to the fact that it has Nutrients As the ironThe calciumThe race and magnesium. Likewise, it helps maintain normal levels Blood Pressure. So it is a food that is convenient for us when we are stressed.

And with it you can also make exquisite dishes, including pumpkin cream. See YouTube channel edit Home cooking recipes. For four people, components are as follows: two pumpkinstwo leeka tooth of Garlictwo cheesesthree tablespoons olive oiltwo tablespoons Salt, nutmeg to taste and three cups Water. Without a doubt, it is a healthy, light and quick meal.

Cream of Mushroom to start this fall

The Spanish Nutrition Foundation (SWAMP) states that the mushroom it gives us very little energy because the vast majority of its content is Waterwhile its second main component is the carbohydrates. Also, it is a source potassium, race Y selenium. Except mushrooms with ham, which you can make very healthily in an air fryer, there are many more recipes you can make with this food. Among them we chose one mushroom cream.

on his channel Pink cook and mother show in detail its processing and the components you need: 500 gr championsone oniona tooth of Garlicone leekone potato median, Salt Y Pepper to try, olive oil200 milliliters of it condensed milk either cream either whipping cream and a liter chicken soup or his vegetables. Don’t forget fruit for dessert.

Cream of Broccoli to kick off this fall

The channel Simple mixingwith more than 800,000 subscribershas a simple his recipe cream of broccoli. The components that are needed are: two tablespoons olive oilone onionone carrotone potato500 gr broccoli400 milliliters of it Waterand half a teaspoon Salt. If you have some left over broccoliyou can also add it to your gluten-free pizza base and make it healthier.

And that’s it vegetable It is a food that gives us enough vitaminsamong them the AND, do Y Kexcept for metals such as iron, zinc or the selenium. And, as a consequence of vitamin Cit also has high power antioxidant.

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