From a luxury bag to an anchor, these are the impossible cakes that are taking social media by storm

Today it Social Networks there is endless content on any topic that interests us. From different parts of the world, fans of sports, music or cooking, among others, can share their tricks and materials and thus be able to provide information to other users who consume their content.

Thanks to platforms like TikTok or Instagram visually relay your content, videos have made it much easier to recreate and perform a task that if we had to read step by step would be more complicated or lazy. In addition, the great accessibility of information and instant content and 24/7 of what we like, like or just want to try is the order of the day and there are many who take advantage of this great attraction networks to Share your great skills.

A prime example of this is French national chef @AmauryGuichon, who upload your wonderful artworks in your profile. This pastry chef has gone viral by posting his great art in the kitchen where the French make different kinds of cakes in all kinds and you really have to look at least twice so that you can realize that it is a cake and not an object Really. An anchor, a dart or a luxury bag are some of his fantastic creations that, without a doubt, would be worth pinching.

In addition to being beautiful on the outside, they are also beautiful on the inside, always with attention to the smallest detail. The basis of his work is chocolate, with which he makes and unmakes them impressive edible works. However, in the depths of social networks you can find many more accessible recipes if you are not very fond of cooking and small easy tricks that will make your life much easier and decisive in your kitchen.

More and more users are encouraged to upload their ready-made and illustrated recipes to their profiles, which in minutes can be viewed in thousands of homes around the world.

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