From chili to burgers: 3 quick recipes with ground beef

Red meat is one of the proteins that have more options for preparation in the kitchen, and one of them is to process a certain type of cut to grind it and from there make succulent creations that definitely have a different texture than any other land. .

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The Ground beef It is an option that allows the preparation of various preparations in the kitchen, expanding the possibilities and allowing children to conquer with attractive preparations that ultimately help to add to the diet of the whole family.

With this species meat it can be done wrappedhamburger meats, meatballsyou can fill cakes, empanadas or pastiches, in short, there is a wide variety of recipes that can be made and today you will learn three simple preparations to diversify the home menu.

1. American beef burger recipe in 3 steps

If you want to make a preparation that everyone likes at home and is easy to make, this is the perfect choice to make a meal in minutes and combine nutrients in the same dish.

2. Asian meat bowl recipe in 3 steps

If you like to do something less traditional and with the distinctive flavors of Asia, this recipe will be perfect, except that it will contain a large amount of sauce that you can perfectly incorporate with some rice to enjoy.

3. Chili con carne recipe in the best Mexican style

If you like something spicier and like recipes with chili peppers, you should try this concoction that’s perfect for filling tortillas and slathering them with guacamole.

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