Gordon Ramsay and his perfect burger

Preparing hamburgers at home may seem simple and everyday, who hasn’t done it before? But there is a step by step to follow with which, like the the famous British chef Gordon Ramsayyou can achieve one of the challenges that fans of this recipe crave the most: the one proclaimed as the “perfect hamburger”.

The best hamburger in Spain is made in Madrid with blond Galician beef

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The best hamburger in Spain is made in Madrid with blond Galician beef

In this juicy and irresistible video, Gordon explains point by point from how the meat is selected to the final touch of this processing that is consumed around the world. Press play and take our notes! They will help you a lot when it comes to starting work at home. Are you excited this weekend?

1. Choose a good meat

If you really want to surprise your home with the perfect hamburger, the first step is to choose a good raw material at your butcher shop. Gordon recommends stir in tenderloin and beef to give juiciness and flavor to the final result. Before you prepare your burgers, make sure to take the meat out of the fridge a few minutes before to let it cool down.


2. Season your burgers properly

Before cooking your burgers, you must season and/or dress the meat. The British chef does it on a tray with which he takes advantage of the excess to cover the edges of each one. Another trick for this step is to brush some oil on the meat as soon as you put it on the heat.

3. Control of embers

It is important to check the heat at all times, making sure it has reached the desired temperature seconds before you place your burgers on the grill. To keep them from drying out, do not turn them over more than once for each side.

4. Don’t forget the importance of bread

Although there are many options that go well with the hamburger, the bun Greek sweet bread It’s one of his chef’s favorites and the one he chooses to make his own. As he explains, it has the function of protecting the hamburger, so it’s good to choose a solid piece that gives flavor to the meat. And of course, leave it on the grill for a few seconds to make it crispy.

5. Carefully choose the rest of the ingredients

The ingredients that accompany a hamburger will depend on one’s taste, but there are tricks to them. If you are going to incorporate lettuce and/or tomato, make sure they are very fresh, washed and dry. For the onion, give it a touch of spice (same as hamburger) and embers, it’s delicious!

6. Take care of the final touch

With the meat still on the fire and almost done, “bread” with a little butter your burgers. “It gives them a delicious caramelized touch,” Gordon explains in his video.

And as for cheese, how important it is in a hamburger! Feel free to incorporate what you like best, always before removing the hamburger from the heat to melt for a few seconds. Pretty much everything will work out in the end result!

Did you want more? we leave you other burger recipes from great chefs with which you will succeed at home with the whole family. Irresistibly good!

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