Hamburger Day: 4 recipes to enjoy in Ecuador

there are with eggdouble meatwith cheese, bacon, with pineapple… every ingredient is welcome to try a Burger. This Saturday, May 28, 2022, we tell you about some businesses and flavors.

Is one of the fast food the most popular around the world, a must on every menu. Its origin has not been ascertained with certainty. One version is that it dates back to when Hamburg bakeries started making round loaves.

Another points out that on May 28, 1900one German immigrant Resident in USA He served the first hamburger in his restaurant because a customer asked him for something quick that was tasty.
That’s why every May 28 is celebrated as World Hamburger Day. It is a date to enjoy this product, whose popularity serves as the basis for many ventures.

In every city there are many options: from the big stores belonging to world-famous brands, to the hamburgers sold in the neighborhoods, from carts or humble houses.

There is one for every taste. In GuayaquilThe Burguer Show will take place, an event that will bring together 60 local entrepreneurs, who will present their burgers. The event will be part of the programming of the Julian celebrations.

It will be repeated in November, for his holidays Basin; and in December, in those of Quito.

The Smash, an overwhelming delight

Roberto Sánchez discovered the “smashed” hamburger during his travels in the United States. And he was overwhelmed by its taste and texture. Then the idea came to bring this formula to Guayaquil, something unlike anything he had ever tried.

Somehow, in August 2021, when the country was starting to reactivate after the pandemic, the young entrepreneur created Smash in the Main Port, a homemade hamburger brand that is gaining a following.

The word “smash” means “to crush”. With this technique, the meat is crumbled until it is cooked and lightly cooked. This hamburger is famous in the United States,” commented Roberto.

Trying to adapt it to the taste of the people of Guayaquil, they tried many hamburgers while finding the right spot. And also the different combinations like Peruvian, OG and Super Smash. Ingredients include bacon and caramelized onions.

Once they had the product, commercialization began. All aimed at young people, his Instagram is @smash.ecu. Whatsapp for orders is 0962631309.

They only operate via delivery and collection (for on-site collection). They are on the way to the Coast, but their goal is to create new points in the city, speed up deliveries.

The name draws attention: “Amor de pigs”. But why is it called that? My husband and I call each other “pigs”. Before the pandemic we started selling frozen meats and hamburgers. That’s where we opened the restaurant and the name came from that,” says smiling Micaela Marques de la Plata, owner of the business, where they serve some big and juicy “chanchas” (hamburgers). They also sell tenderloin sandwiches, sandwiches and appetizers, as well as sangria and cocktails.

Their “pigs” include Americana, Turka, Manaba, Vaquera, Popper and Re-chancha, among others. Hamburger ingredients are varied: cheddar cheese, bacon, onion, mature, among others. And they have a vegetarian option, made with tobacco.

Micaela and her husband, Ali Barakat, of Arab nationality, have been dedicated to this activity for two years. Its facilities are located in the Miraflores citadel, north of Guayaquil.

“We had a good reception from the people. During the pandemic, it was difficult times. We went from regular work to time constraints or delivery only. And now there is crime,” says the woman.

“Amor de chancho” is promoted through social networks. On Instagram and Facebook it’s like The phone number is 0993500725.

Heart attack, hospital themed

The cheddar cheese is spread over the burger with a syringe. It’s the finishing touch to this huge bite that has meat, bacon, egg and whatever else the customer wants to add.

The subject is welcoming. For this reason, Jackson Maita and Cristina Cabrera, employees of the business, wear a uniform similar to that of health personnel. Hence the name: ‘Burgers of infarction’.

“When you try them, you’ll be blown away by how delicious they are,” says Cristina. They have been on the market for just two months and the reception has been very good, says the young woman.

The business is located at the PDV gas station, located at kilometer 13.5 of the road to Daule, in front of the Las Palmas Motel.

“The owners gathered several ideas and decided to create the product with a medical theme. You are our patients and we are your nurses,” says Cristina. “You go to our store and we serve you. They can be weighed and pressed.”

On Instagram they appear as @hamburguesas_deinfarto and on Facebook they are @hamburguesasDinfarto. Whatsapp is 099 045 7565.

On the menu are Heart Attack, Double Heart Attack and Triple Heart Attack. Also Infarto BBQ and Mushrooms.
Ingredients include meat, shredded cheddar cheese, steak and sausage.

La Naval brings the taste of El Capi

For more than two decades, El Capi has been one of the best-known hamburger joints in Guayaquil. But the pandemic caused the closure of this fast food chain. But now El Naval arrives to recover the flavor that characterized El Capi.

“My interest is to bring these traditional hamburgers, which already have their market since 2001,” explains Juan José Martínez, representative of La Naval.

According to the businessman, “the aim of the new brand is to recover these customers from before and at the same time to win a new market, that of the youth, which is more connected to social networks”.

El Capi did not withstand the onslaught of the pandemic, as it was a business with a lot of night traffic and from one moment to the next, all night activities were suspended. “It was very difficult to sustain the business.

Currently, as we return to normality, we are thinking of resurfacing with all our product delivery,” says Juan José.

The name of the business was considered so that it is not too far from El Capi, the logo is very similar. “We wanted to say that El Capi opened its naval base to win back its clientele.”

They currently have a store at Circunvalación Sur 116 and Víctor Emilio Estrada, in the Urdesa sector. His social networks are (Instagram) and @lanavalbyelcapi (Facebook). The phone number is 093 996 3511.

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