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Homemade beef burger.

Patsy Larosa


-500 g minced meat

-1 clove of garlic

-1 egg yolk


-1 tomato salad

-1 sweet onion

-3 pickled cucumbers

-150 g of feta cheese

-4 rustic rolls



-Black pepper

-fresh basil



Put the meat in a bowl, season with salt and pepper, rub a little nutmeg and add the egg yolk. Knead well with our hands. We wash, dry well and flour our hands to form the hamburgers of the thickness we want but slightly larger in diameter than the buns.

The piece will shrink a little when we pass it through the pan or baking sheet. Heat some oil in a frying pan or pan and cook the meat over a medium to high heat, trying to brown the surface a bit but be juicy inside.

That means for finger-and-a-half-thick hamburgers, about three minutes on each side. In any case, to taste. In another pan, we have passed the open rolls in the middle, we have gathered in a bowl a salad with the lettuce and onion cut into slices, we have filleted the pickles and cut the tomato into slices.

We put a base of lettuce, onion and pickles; above, the meat; on it a slice of tomato and finally some pieces of feta cheese. Close the bread and decorate with a leaf of fresh basil.

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