How do I find the Fish Burger recipe?

In Disney Dreamlight Valley we will have to help many Disney characters, including Mickey Mouse. One of the missions he asks of us goes hand in hand with the recovery of Minnie, his lost love, and for that we will need to prepare two recipes: Vegetable and fish burger. And how do we get these dishes? we tell you!

Disney Dreamlight Valley guide: how to get a veggie and fish burger

Next, we tell you how to get vegetables and fish patties as part of Mickey Mouse’s mission to get Minnie back.


Cooking this dish is very simple: we need a carrot. Well, to be more precise, six, since we are asked to do it so many times. This vegetable can be obtained by planting it in the garden and the seeds appear if we made or we can buy them at Goofy’s Store.

The fish burger

If you’re going crazy trying to find the Fish Burger recipe, the answer is much simpler: just add 1 piece wheat and fish Any. Automatically, we will have this dish ready. In this case, then, we have to do 2 units and that’s it. Be careful, we have to get the rod first.

Disney's Dreamlight Valley Guide

And that was it, this way we’ll be one step closer to making Mickey happy, who is very depressed since Minnie has disappeared from the valley. This mission corresponds to a thread of several of them, but it is a first move to bring the mouse back to the Dreamlight. It’s not difficult, but if you’re not used to the recipe system yet, it can be confusing not to find what we need.

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