How to make a fried egg in the deep fryer

The air fryer has become the modern utensil in the kitchen. This device is becoming more and more popular when it comes to cooking food with little oil. Yes, with a little, but with a few drops of oil.

These devices are ideal to avoid high fat content of a traditional fryer. And they serve to enjoy recipes of all kinds. We have already seen how to make chips, vegetables, sandwiches, hamburgers or frozen pasta.

In fact the air fryer does much more than fry: it cooks like an oven does. And it does it with hot air. And cook everything? Almost, even eggs.

Not only can we make eggs in the fryer but we can make them in different ways. It’s about we are well aware of the temperature/time relationships of our device (yes, each one is a world, like classic ovens).

Preheating the fryer is essential

To make a fried egg in this type of fryers we need some oil and greaseproof paper (or a container suitable for this device). Preheat the fryer for 5 minutes at 180º. This is key.

Place the parchment paper at the base of the basket. Add a drop of oil and spread it. Break the egg and place it. a little salt and put it for 5 minutes at 200º.

It will be, but to make sure, in the middle of the year we open and check. Depending on the size of the fryer we can make one or more eggs at a time. That’s right, they won’t go out in lace here.

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