Karlos Arguiñano’s trick to never have the cake stick to the pan

To think that cakes can only be sweet recipes is a mistake, since savory preparations can also be made in which vegetables, tubers, sausages, cheeses or mushrooms are the main characters.

Karlos Arguiñano, for example, recently explained open kitchen how to make a rich and simple millefeuille of chard, potatoes and cheese, and in between jokes, he’s taken the time to tell how to unmold it without breaking it.

Arguiñano recommends placing a long strip of parchment paper at the base of the mold

The trick of the Gipuzkoan chef is to grease the mold well with oil (butter can be used in a sweet recipe) and place a thick, long, narrow strip of parchment paper, which does not need to cover the entire base, so that it protrudes edges. of the container.

Once this is done, place the ingredients and bake the mille feuille for as long as it takes. When the savory cake is well baked, grab the edges of the parchment paper coming out of the pan and carefully pull it up to unmold it without breaking it. Following these steps will ensure that the dish is perfect.

This is how you place the paper towel in the Karlos Arguiñano mold

This is how you place the paper towel in the Karlos Arguiñano mold

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Other useful tips

Karlos Arguiñano is for many the king of kitchen tricks and in this channel we have already shared some. A few days ago, for example, we explained some of his tips for perfect squid batter. One of them consists in beating the eggs without separating the yolks from the whites, which must be well beaten.

To do this, the cook uses an electric mixer with a stick, with which he prepares them in 3-4 minutes. It is explained in detail here.


To prepare his salad, Karlos Arguiñano beats egg whites and yolks together

Third parties

And if you’re thinking of making the last Russian salad of the summer season, don’t miss how Arguiñano prepares his recipe, for which he suggests putting the potatoes, peeled and peeled, to cook over low heat in a pot of cold water and then add the carrot. After 25 minutes, add the eggs, which are cooked for another 10 minutes with the rest of the ingredients. You can read the rest of the tips in this article.

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