Learn how to make a delicious corn cake with this blender recipe!

The climate What we live in today certainly makes us think of many possibilities of what we can eat and honestly, our cravings tend to change a lot. A lot has to do with climate that we experience, although it is not the only trigger, because in order to feel something, there can be many triggers that definitely have to do with our mental state, nostalgia and a long etc.

But almost every time it rains, we all feel like eating something delicious breadwhich we can certainly accompany in one way or another with a rich coffee, Cinnamon tea, injection or even tisane, without any kind of fear successbecause it’s basically just the ingredient that we needed to have a perfect chat one of these afternoons rainy which we love to enjoy so much, now that the temperature has dropped a bit, since it was 30 degrees Celsius.

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