Learn how to make a rich 3-layer cake in just 15 minutes. here is the recipe

The spring surprised us with the heat from before the March 20but we must not forget, that it is the only one climatebecause sometimes he surprises us with some small showers and that’s when we feel some cupcakes to accompany our cups of tea, in the purest English style. The truth is, sometimes even simple cookie recipes can tire us out.

Before that conditionthe truth is that there are not many choices rather than innovating and perhaps improvising new ones recipesespecially when we don’t have many available ingredients in our hands. Luckily we have it creativity out of our reach and with that, we’re practically on the other side already. Above all, because thanks to it, we can find new ones variations For dessertsalthough the latter end up being completely different creations.

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