Make a rich Japanese raspberry cheesecake with this recipe for rainy days

There is nothing else sad than a rainy afternoon, except a rainy afternoon with nothing good to eat. Therefore, today we decided I share with you nothing more and nothing less than a delicious recipe to make a delicious and comforting Japanese cakea delicacy characterized by existence spongy, rich and extremely caring, on those days when we cut it friend, girlfriendwork or it makes us compound any other evil.

The truth is that the ZOE it is one roller coaster of emotions. Yes, we know this term is extremely common and is used to describe marriages, parenting, friendshipslove affairs and many more, but if every one of these situations is this, guess what ZOE whole with all this and above all, the intrapersonal knowledge. Yes, it is a big mountain with ups and downs, but if we are humble and accept help when things are wrong, everything can be improved.

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