More than 30 appetizer ideas for your New Year’s dinner

One of the biggest headaches whenever family and friends come over for dinner is what to put in the center of the table to share. Here I show you more than 30 appetizer recipes with which you can put appetizers and appetizers to share at your New Year’s dinner.

I have divided them into 6 categories which I think will help you choose different dishes, from traditional seafood dishes like grilled shrimp to original appetizers like Japanese gyoza.

Appetizers with fish and seafood (1/6)

One of the most classic, although sometimes, and more so this year, inaccessible due to price increases. I’m still showing you fish recipes Y seafood recipes so you can put in the center of your table.

1.- Grilled shrimps

two.- Grilled shrimps

3.- marinated salmon

4.- Salmon cake

5.- crispy octopus

6.- Grilled scallops

7.- Seafood salad

Canap├ęs, savory cakes and pates for the New Year (2/6)

Another classic, in some cases very elaborate and in others surprising and uncomplicated. Here are several recipes that are sure to please all of your guests, and if you’re using pate, remember to use a good crusty toast.

8.- blini

9.- filled tartlets

10.- smoked salmon pate

eleven.- Mock spider crab pate

12.- Crab cakes

13.- Scorpionfish Cake

Light and healthy snacks (3/6)

Many people like to treat themselves at any time of the year and sometimes Christmas dinners are a little heavy, so I bring you some light starters to enjoy healthy recipes this Christmas

14.- Stuffed mushrooms

fifteen.- Antidias with Roquefort sauce

16.- artichokes in bloom

17.- Avocado stuffed with tuna

18.- Stuffed tomatoes

Classic snacks for Christmas (4/6)

Let’s just say that these are always there throughout the year and that many people incorporate them into their table. Check out the best classic appetizer recipes you’ll find (at least my favorites)

19.- anchovies in vinegar

twenty.- Homemade salted anchovy

Twenty-one.- Russian salad

22.- Ham croquette

23.- Chicken croquette

24.- Peppers stuffed with cod

Puff pastry appetizers (5/6)

One of the basic ingredients, the puff pastry. With these puff pastry recipes I guarantee your guests will be amazed.

25.- blood sausage puff pastry

26.- Palmerita with pesto sauce

27.- Puff pastry with spinach and goat cheese

28.- Filled puff pastry braid

29.- Sobrassada Palmeras

30.- Vegetable puffs

Original appetizers for New Year’s dinner (6/6)

If you want something different, you can give your dinner a Japanese twist with homemade gyoza or a Colombian twist with some good rocks.

31.- Yoza with chicken filling

32.- Colombian stones

33.- garlic cream soup

3. 4.- brick rolls

35.- Brick dough triangles

36.- samosas

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