Prepare an original dessert with this recipe to make a cookie cake

In recent years there has been a trend in cake which has gained great popularity thanks to the fact that it is very simple for the preparation, it is enough showy and you can too adjust them very easily, we are talking about it cake cookies which are prepared with numbers either letters accompanied by a delicious cream and flamboyant ornaments above, if you want to know how to prepare it we will give you one medical prescription delicious for that.

We recommend that you do so as soon as you get it dough cold, apply directly to tray – grill where will you bake it? cookiesso that when you cut it numbers wavy letters you have planned, you don’t need to move your mass position and you can put it to bake immediately, this will make it much easier for you cooking process and it will save you trouble when moving the cookie. to fix it moulds your letter is not enough Print or draw the shape you want to give Rusk on a sheet of it baking paper or one cardboard large.

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