Recipe to prepare a cupcake in a mug and in the microwave, you only need a few minutes

A few days ago, we were craving and thought of preparing a delicious one small cake to eliminate that afternoon craving. The only problem, as such, with cakes, is that they are one of the most complicated desserts to make, mainly because the vast majority of recipes involve the oven and this seems quite complicated to make and even tedious, because everyone loves it . utensil.

Of course, we must refer to the fact that there are many publicationsfortunately, of prescriptions as for cakewhich can be done in microwave, pot, cooking pot express and, nowadays innovation, the air fryer, which has been established as one of the Utensils the most excellent and popular of all, because of the speed with which the food and dessertsIn addition, they are much healthier.

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