Seven perfect appetizers for the holidays. Comfortable!

Parties are ideal opportunities to celebrate the most important dates with your loved ones of the calendar or important events for you. The upcoming arrival of Christmas may be giving more than one a headache, but there are many delicious and easy appetizers to prepare.

If you don’t know what to prepare yet, youWe will give many ideas to prepare canapés with cheap ingredients and easy to find in any supermarket or grocery store. Some recipes are vegetarian, so you can use them for any occasion. Keep in mind that the real success of the party is in the details. In addition, there are many ideas to avoid the typical recipes for empanadas, tortillas or ham and cheese pizzas.

it’s a trick prepare recipes that are quick to prepare and can be easily eaten. Accompaniments such as carrot and celery sticks and toast are perfect for dipping with guacamole, hummus or baba ganush. These are very healthy and delicious. If you want to prepare a table with sausages and cheeses, pickle bowls with olives, pickles and green onions will help you decorate them and you don’t need any time to prepare them. In addition, olives are excellent fruits that offer incredible benefits to your health.

Fruits like grapes can be great for filling empty spaces and create super instragameable still lifes that will amaze your guests. Aromatic plants are also great for providing fresh air. If you’re going to put cheese, don’t forget to alternate different types so you can vary the taste and don’t forget they can be combined with baked bread sticks.

Pates and spreads are a good source for the last minute. There are many completely vegetarian pates that are prepared very quickly, such as mutabal (smoked eggplant pâté), mushroom pâté or purple potato pâté. In the case of creams, We offer you various recipes such as homemade cream cheese, spicy tomato dip or sweet and sour dip. These appetizers can be eaten with both toasted bread and croutons or even nachos.

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