Sponge cake recipe: Surprise everyone with this dessert in RED VELVET’s version!

The Biscuit is probably one of the recipes which have fallen in love with the world for its consistency and its spectacular taste, which has a large number of varieties between vanilla, orange, marble, yogurt and many more, we could expand into a long list of varieties in terms of tastes and varieties, because after all there is something for everyone. However, there is one that has won the hearts of many: Red Velvet Cake.

The red velvet for his translation: red velvetis one of the most popular choices given and for some time, this type of buns with a red hue has become more popular. Although the version in Biscuit It is much less known, it is known that its basic recipe is in the form of a cake with icing, which has managed to fall in love with endless palates.

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