Spring: sales, 2×1 and happy hour

his performance The Totoras it is him Wednesday, September 21with free entrance and access to the various food stalls and cocktail bars on site. From 12 noon the doors of the venue will open and the show will start on the 18th.

under his supervision Narda Lepesthis place offers 14 culinary suggestions from different chefs for all tastes:

Epicurean House, with seasonal dishes from the Narda team; The dog with his emblem handmade burgers; Togni and his Iconic pizzas; The asian tapas of Apu Nena; Ulúa, with editions of typical mexican dishes. Ribs al Río and its unmistakable Smoked ribs; and sushi of haiku; Vika cooks with her Armenian dishes.

Also the Grill Pepe by Juan Carlino? The plant and its proposal 100% plant origin; The cocktail bar by Inés de los Santos in the Bardo. The wine bar Capital of wines by sommelier Maco Lucioni; Y specialty coffee by Raven.

The area has easy access for vehicles (with paid private parking), bicycles and public transport.

Address: Av. del Libertador 4096, Palermo. Instagram: @bochapolo

Patio de los Lecheros: entertainment and live music

Milk yard

In the Spring, the Patio de los Lecheros will be filled with flowers, MUSIC, colored Y tastes to celebrate with family or friends.

Its different culinary venues will offer offers throughout the day in choripanes, burger, sandwich, empanadas Y handmade pizzaamong other options.

In addition, throughout the day there will be entertainment activities such as artistic makeupone cartoonist, travel magic Y clown.

Will be live music: at 7:00 p.m cumbia festival next to Paryson; from 8 to 10 p.m., DJ Sugar Baby will do the same with one Complete Cumbia Set; and from 10:00pm to 12:00am, a surprise DJ will close the evening at full throttle.

Address: Donato Alvarez 175, Horse. Instagram: @elpatiodeloslecheros

Bierhof: Happy Hour on beers


Next Wednesday the 21st, Bierhof invites you to start spring among friends with a Happy hour His special 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and his 11 p.m. until 12 p.m..

In this beer hall of his Palermo and during said hours, craft beers from Ströbel-golden, Scottish, conferences IPA, Honey Y AAA will have a special price $300 (regular price: $500) and its styles Patagonia amber lager, Bohemian Pilsner, Vera Ipa Y Weisse– will be served by $400 (regular price: $650).

Meanwhile, a guest DJ will set the stage with hits from funk & house. A suggestion to share in your spaces on clean Air -with masked and regulated sectors- while being tested homemade tapas of Latin American influence, such as Tequeños, you like and grilled costeño cheese skewers;among other tempting recipes.

Address: Nicaragua 4427, Palermo. Instagram: @bierhofba

Hell’s Pizza: Hot Spring Invasion Party

The hell

Hell’s Pizza, the innovative brand New York pizzacelebrates the arrival of spring with “Hot Spring Intrusion”, an event that will take place on Wednesday, September 21 from 8:00 p.m. in several of its locations.

Apart from its iconic pizzas “by the slice”this day they will offer two exclusive Spring Rolls of pizza, invented by master pizza chef Danilo Ferraz: a stuffed with raw ham, brie cheese, arugula and sun-dried tomatoes. and another with mozzarella, York ham, egg and peppers.

For more fun, they will put glitter seasons Y Temporary tattoosthey will sound live DJ and there will be Imperial beer stands Y wines of trademarks Lola Y Rocky.

The only requirement: go dressed in colors and wanting to have fun. Some branches that will participate in the celebration are those of Palermo, Bulnes, Las Lomitas, Quilmes, Campana, La Plata, Salta and San Juan, among others.

Addresses: Humboldt 1654, Palermo / Sixto Fernández 320, Las Lomitas / Colón 263, Quilmes. Instagram: @hellspizza.ar

Birra Club: 2×1 on gin and tonic

beer club

Club de la Birra gastro bar welcomes spring with an 2×1 in gin and tonic and music fun all night Wednesday 21st.

His gin and tonic, made with Pulled Pheasant Gin (with a distinctive spice and citrus profile), you can enjoy it 2 x $900 in Recoleta location Y 2 x $850 at Caballito HQ.

Served in a glass with plenty of ice Y lemon plus cucumber, grapefruit either any combination of these three. They also recommend it Pink toner of the house he leads red berries and rose petals.

To accompany the toasts, a DJ Set with funk & house music and the rich menu of handmade meals will be available. Finger food, homemade hamburgers, hearty ribs, fresh sandwiches, vegetarian or vegan options and delicious desserts are just some of the options available for sharing. Its premises have large green spaces and an ideal environment for large or small groups.

Addresses: Pres. Roberto M. Ortiz 1871, Recoleta / Av. Pedro Goyena 60, Caballito. Instagram: @clubdelabirra

Side V: Extended Happy Hour and Takeout combinations

V side

The local Lado V, famous for its proposal vegetable street-food and its particularly “instagrammable” setting, suggests celebrating September 21st with a Happy Hour extended until 00 pm.

will offer 2 beers for $800 Y 2 special cocktails of the day for $1500.

In addition, they will add two “Picnic Deals” with handmade products from your menu that will be available for $1300only to carry out: a combo includes a veggie burger of your choice, a side of fries and a beer or soda. and the other combo comes with a serving of nachos (with vegan cheese, guacamole, pico de gallo and black beans), a serving of fries and a beer or soda.

The venue features a spacious lounge, sidewalk tables, terrace and patio, all decorated with colorful murals, neon signs and eye-catching installations.

Address: Honduras 4969, Palermo, Cabbage. Instagram: @ladov.bsas

El Galpón de Tacuara: new seasonal beer

Tacuara hangar

The craft brewery El Galpón de Tacuara takes advantage of the arrival of spring to present it young belgian blondea style that will be added to the taps of all its bars from Wednesday 21 September.

Created by the house’s renowned brewer, Gabriel Furnari, the new member of the family is presented with golden tones and fruity-spicy esters, typical of Belgian yeast. It is characterized by floral and citrus aromasIt has a medium body, a sweet malt note in the mouth and a somewhat dry finish, resulting in a very well balanced beer.

It can be purchased in the form of Pint, ½ pint or 1.9 liter jack and will be available during business hours. Happy hour -of 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.– with 2×1 at $590.

In addition, the menu of El Galpón de Tacuara suggests snacks, cutting boards among many, Handmade hamburgers, original hot dogs, homemade pizzas and salads. Its premises have large spaces, in addition to outdoor and air-conditioned areas.

Addresses: Av. Juramento 2781, Belgrano / Av. Francisco Beiró 3410, Villa Devoto / Gral. Arias 710, San Fernando / More branches in General Pacheco, Belén de Escobar, Rosario and San Miguel de Tucumán. Instagram: @cerveceriatacuara

Canta El Gallo: 2×1 on classic cocktails and meats to share

The rooster crows

his grill Nordelta Canta El Gallo invites you to celebrate in his beautiful country house and suggests a exclusive 2×1 on all cocktails on the menu to accompany the selected steer meats and dry aged cuts.

The benefit will be available on Wednesday the 21st from 7:30pm until closing with options like Gin tonic, Negroni, Daisy flower, aperol spritz and many other drinks.

In addition, to share among many, the restaurant offers a full Meat tasting what is included strip roast, steak of the void Y steak pork; including barbecue Y special cuts offered per kilo.

An ideal design to toast with friends and enjoy an unrivaled cuisine on its deck areas with a large garden or in the cozy Creole-style room.

Address: Av. de los Lagos 7010, Nordelta Shopping Center, Tigre. Instagram: @cantaelgallo

Lamas: 2×1 on signature cocktails


Lamas is one of the last openings in its culinary center canningwith a proposal that combines its iconic dishes Peruvian and Japanese cuisine.

This Wednesday, September 21st between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. offers a 2×1 on classic and signature cocktails to begin what will be a guided tour of it ceviches, sushi pieces, rice, fish of the day Y meats in various preparations.

Some favorites for clinking glasses are Pisco Pears (pisco acholado, Apple Pears vodka, lime juice, malbec wine, raspberry vinegar and syrup), Gin Tonic Pink (gin, tonic, bitter rosebud and citrus) and the Lamas Passion (Wildberries vodka, passion fruit and ginger honey, lime juice and red fruit coulis).

Address: Mariano Castex 1416 local 4, Canning. Instagram: @lamas.rest

Francisca: music and promos


In the Arches of the Rose GardenFrancisca del Fuego proposes to celebrate from Thursday, September 22 and for this he organized his new circle live broadcasts by guest DJs, who will wake up the Spring nights with rhythms from soul, funk, disco-house, trip hop, downtempo, house and many more.

On Thursday Mr Koolt will be present, who comes from Uruguay and will be accompanied by the Astro DJ Set.

From 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. the musical sentence is completed with a Happy Hour on beers and cocktailsin addition to advertising combinations in the specialties of his clay oven.

There are two glasses of beer for $750, two Gin Tonic/Fernet/Tinto de Verano for $600one portion of hummus and babaganos with a beer for $980, two empanadas of your choice with a beer for $950; one Fainá Special portion with a beer for $980, one Single pizza Margherita (from sourdough) with a beer for $1380 and one Individual Fugazzetta pizza (sourdough) with a beer for $1380.

Address: Infanta Isabel Avenue 220, Arch 14, Palermo. Instagram: @franciscadelfuego


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