Take advantage of the season and prepare a fluffy mango cake with this recipe

Now that his time mango It’s here, it’s here! the best we can do is to honor it and make the most of this fruit, by all means possible. Definitely this fruit he is an ally for his seasons heat and his own presence in the desserts is unparalleled, because not only do they do more sweetalso more tastybecause this fruit really inspires us with joy and excitement that is evident in every bite of this delicacy.

There are different ones types of mangoes. Some are bigger, some are smaller, but all are tropical. Is juicythey have different textures Y tastes. It is one fruit of of Asian descent and usually grows in areas intermodalthrough the spontaneous at altitudes from 0 to about 900 or 1200 meters above sea level. Most of the varieties of this fruit are for trade and are grown below 600 meters above sea level.

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