The 10 best tapas recipes, write them all!

Do you consider yourself the king of tapas? Then this is what interests you! Spanish gastronomy, highly recognized worldwide, gives us the pleasure of tasting delicious and varied dishes.

It is said that the art of tapas is the evolution of a custom that arose in taverns or inns to cover wine glasses with a slice of bread to prevent dirt from getting inside.

Although only the name remains from the origin, because over time it has become an enlarged and distinguished custom of our own gastronomy and it has evolved into small and varied portions of food, despite the fact that it is very common to find montaditos; this is the slices of bread with garnish on topeither with sausage, meat or fish.

Discover the easiest and most delicious tapas to prepare at home!

10 simple and delicious tapas recipes

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Whether you have guests or want to prepare one authentic feast one cheap pricewe recommend the following tapas recipes which will leave your guests licking their lips.

Take into account!

1. Cod croquettes

Cod croquettes

Croquettes are a dish that everyone likes, you’d be right about that recipe for cod croquettes!

You will earn a good grade with the cod fillingperfect to innovate this star recipe in any aperitif.

It is one different way of eating fishfollow our tricks for intense flavor and unbeatable texture!

2. Chicken wings with bravas potatoes


With this recipe you will have your guests in your pocket!

From two typical and delicious tapas, we have invented an even better one: the chicken wings recipe with bravas potatoes!

Only You will need 20 minutes to have this recipe ready that will delight adults to children.

Keep in mind that wings and fries are lower in calories and healthier than fries. So, if you are concerned about your health, whenever you can and the prescription allows, bake them in the oven.

3. Various canapés

Variety of canapés

The canapés are the star dish of appetizers at any special eventthey cannot be missing from our table!

Give it a touch of originality preparing them with seafood, sausage or the material you like best to accompany the toast.

It makes various flavors such as shrimp, salmon, cheese or ham canapés. ¡Here’s the recipe!

It will be a total success!

4. Tuna, shrimp and mango skewers with pesto

Tuna, shrimp and mango skewers with pesto

Tuna, shrimp and mango skewers with pesto.

A recipe full of flavors and contrasts!

Spicy combined with mango provides a excellent taste for our palate.

Cooking this recipe won’t take you more than ten minutes in the kitchen, although it should Leave it in the refrigerator for three or four hours.

Prepare this recipe with a spicy sauce based on lemon juice and marinate peeled shrimp.

At his moment serve the appetizerpeel and cut the mango into square pieces and with a toothpick pierce a piece and decorate it with a shrimp on the surface.

Follow here step by step to edit them Tuna, shrimp and mango skewers with pesto!

5. Pasta with shrimps and zucchini

Pasta with shrimps and zucchini

You will love this beautiful and elegant recipe!

These lollipops made with empanadilla dough filled with shrimp and zucchini It will decorate your table and the little ones will love its shape, and its soft taste!

The contrast of the taste of the zucchini with the shrimp will take your palate to another dimension.

The crispy bite of the empanadilla will leave you wanting to repeat!

Follow it step by step Shrimp and Zucchini Pasta recipe here.

6. Pesto Burger Hearts

Burger hearts with pesto

try one different appetizer recipe with hamburgers!

The Pesto Sauce It is ideal to accompany pasta, but also meats!

Cook your hamburgers and give them a special shape to put on a base of toast, raw tomato and pesto sauce.

In this way you will delight all those visitors who hesitate to fish for shellfish or fish, They will love it!

Follow here step by step to make it Recipe pesto hearts for burgers.

7. Appetizers of smoked salmon, pate and shrimps

salmon appetizers

You’d be right with this luxurious assortment!

we suggest three different ideas to bring variety to your tabletaste and strong taste.

Is recipe for appetizers of smoked salmon, pate and shrimps It will solve you more than one appetizer, in addition to offering a variety of quality ingredients.

Dare with this extraordinary variety of sea and land!

8. Skewers of tortilla hearts and ham

heart spikes

These the tortilla skewers have stolen our hearts!

Prepare two small plates with these original skewers, no one will take their eyes off them!

The omelette is different the recipes of our gastronomy that are liked by young and oldDo you like to make it with or without onion? Prepare it to your liking, here we give it to you tricks to make an authentic omelette with potatoes!

give them a special shape with custom molds and decorate the surface with ingredients you like, we chose Serrano ham… Learn to cook it Tortilla hearts and ham skewers recipe!

9. Foie gras with duck ham

dill toast with salmon eels

Salmon toasts cannot be missing from our table. But have you tried them with eels and dill?

In addition, you can give it the shape you want thanks to personalized molds with romantic figures like the ones we recommend in the recipe.

Baby eels are an excellent ingredient that is very easily digested, which makes them an ideal food for eating lighter recipes.

take this into consideration recipe for toasted salmon, eels and dill!

10. Caramelized goat cheese and leek tarts

leek tartlets

You will touch the sky with it recipe for leek and caramelized goat cheese tarts!

The leek will manage to give this soft and fresh point in this appetizer full of contrasts.

The crispy tart together with the caramelized goat cheese will melt to create a unique blend of flavors.

They will be successful!

Guided tour kitchen department you can find all kinds of starters, appetizers, seconds and recipes for your most special occasions, as the best tricks to help you in the kitchen. Feel free to consult it often!

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