The 7 Best Potato Chip Brands According to OCU

If there is an excellent appetizer with which, apart from enjoying it alone, you can compliment other options such as clams, cockles or Russian salad, which without a doubt are the potatoes. You can make them at home of course, but it’s hard to resist picking up a bag from the supermarket.

How to make (healthy) potato chips at home so they are perfect and crispy

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How to make (healthy) potato chips at home so they are perfect and crispy

OCU, the Organization of Consumers and Users, makes it a little easier for us when choosing with this listthe best chips. Traditional, made with the best raw material, crispy and at the perfect point of salt. Bookmark them and enjoy them as you deserve!

The 7 best potato chips according to OCU


1. El Gallo chips

Is more than 80 years that El Gallo has been producing and market their potatoes, the best sign of their quality and good work. This company from Cáceres exports them outside their country on few occasions, so it is hard to find them in other cities.

Their fries are a bit oilier than usual, chunky and crispy and fried in sunflower oil. Enough fall!

2. Espinaler chips

There are also many years, specifically since 1896, when Espinaler he brings his mezes to art. They produce them from the city of Vilassar de Mar in Barcelona.

They are made to from the best Syrian raw material, with olive oil and salt to achieve a perfect result. Crispy and generously cut, they complement perfectly with this house’s famous appetizer sauce.

3. Perdi chips

Another of the best options we can find in supermarkets is the french fries i missed. Crunchy, tasty, at the perfect salt point… these potatoes from Aracena (Huelva).

They are prepared from carefully selected raw material and fried in a mixture of olive oil and sunflower oil that has a secret. Impossible to resist opening one of its tight bags that leave almost no room for air.

4. El Valle potato chips

These wonderful fries made from The snacks of the valley (Villena, Alicante) have their main customer in Ca Joan (Altea). To enjoy them, it is best to go to this famous temple of meat.

Fried in sunflower oil, they reach a critical situation that is hard to forget. Perfect to extend the appetizer and, of course, any other time of the day.

5. San Nicasio Potato Chips

The San Nicasio Chips, known for their colorful bag, are from Córdoba and proud of it. Awarded with hundreds and hundreds of awards, they are made from selected sour potatoes fried in extra virgin olive oil from Priego de Córdoba.

As a bonus, it is seasoned with pink Himalayan salta detail that makes them a tasty morsel.

6. Añavieja potato chips

Once again, Soria, the potato capital of the world, presents us with one of the tastiest on the market: those of oldprocessed in a handmade way and fried in olive oil with which they make sure that the taste of the potato from their land is not lost, but rather enhanced.

The best sign of a local product, loved not only by Sorians, but by consumers from all corners of the country.

7. Blonde chips

The OCU ends this count with the blond potatoes. In this case, we find a variety with an extra thick cut, ideal for use as a base for mussels, cockles, Russian salad or any other appetizer.

Be sure to try them on their own, they are really delicious! A flavor raised to the nth power that you will always remember.

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