The appetizers that you can make in the air fryer and in just 5 minutes

The the deep fryer has changed the way snacks are made, in just 5 minutes and with almost no fat or oil, you will be able to cook authentic masterpieces. Fried appetizers are definitely one of the greatest treats out there. We can cook all kinds of delicious snacks in a good fryer without spending much time or effort. We just need a good combination of ingredients and some great recipes like these. You can prepare them in 5 minutes by cooking them in the deep fryer instead of frying them conventionally.

The most delicious appetizers to make in the air fryer

Classic croquettes will be a delight with the help of the air fryer. One of the most delicious appetizers that is cooked in the blink of an eye. You will only need to get a combination of excellent ingredients in the form of frozen or homemade croquettes with the best possible recipe, the result is really worth it.

Whipped Shrimp is another one of the most spectacular recipes out there. You can make them at the speed of light thanks to this recipe and the air fryer. You can bake them and they will be just as good in the oven. Treat yourself and enjoy first hand a combination of ingredients that will stand out from the first bite.

Andalusian squid is the ideal appetizer to cook in an air fryer. We will be left with a crispy exterior and an incredible combination of flavors with almost no fat or oil. A highly recommended option if we want to discover firsthand a bite that will always look good.

Some fries cooked in an air fryer is the low-cost appetizer you want to try. Enjoyment in all senses to discover in first person the art of the most basic and special cuisine. You can put the kind of sauce you like the most and enjoy this traditional snack that will be delicious, cook them the way you cook them.

These sliced ​​bread flamenquins are the perfect low cost to serve as an appetizer. You’ll cook them quickly and they’re perfect for a no-fuss dinner or a quick meal. You can discover this spectacular recipe in less time and fat thanks to an air fryer that will allow you to cook them to perfection in much less time than it seems.

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