The best hamburger in Spain just a click away

The composition of the hamburger is known. Round-shaped minced meat that contains at least 1% salt and may contain other ingredients and seasonings such as parsley or garlic. However, after the real beef burger much more is hidden.

for a while now the hamburger is no longer the queen of junk food and little by little occupies the culinary position it deserves, winning the hearts and palates of all kinds of diners, not only from the younger audience. More and more chefs are determined to make the hamburger art and Rare is the restaurant that does not have it in its gourmet proposals today.

Discarluxits pioneer high quality meat from old cow and oxmakes available to its customers one E-shop to buy from the comfort of home by taking advantage of it home sales service and personalized attention. Always with the guaranteed quality stamp, orders are received at between 48 and 72 hours.

With 25% off the original price, you can now get it the barbecue package for 2 (1 beef steak (0.7KG) + 0.5KG female churrasco + 1 creole chorizo ​​+ 1 homemade chorizo ​​+ chistorra) only €45.90 including VAT and shipping costsadding the code “twopi”.

The Discarlux BBQ for 2 pack consists of a steak, churrasco, chorizo ​​and chistorra.

In addition, you can continue to enjoy the best Discarlux meat at the best price by taking advantage of all this discounts.

The secret to the best beef for burgers

The key to a burger premium, It’s not just about having great raw material. It is also important to develop a careful editing process that takes into account the small details. Like that Discarlux make the best beef for burgers:

  • They choose every week and by origin the best cuts of beef and old cow.

  • They operate in a very cold environment (between 0 and 2 degrees) so that the meat does not lump.

  • Mature beef is used (between 15/20 days. From the selected cows (those with the highest amount of filtered fat) they use his front room. From there they take the needle, the fin, the bench fin, the shoulder, the barrel… and mix them very well with the starling fat.

  • In order not to sugar the meat, it is important do not chop too much. This will allow the hamburger to have a “good bite” when cooked and not be mushy.

  • Once the hamburger is ready, special attention must be paid to the “forming process” and try not to make the hamburger too compact. For this, at Discarlux they carry out a craft process using a type of machine that, being non-industrial, allows it to be given the proper compression tension.

  • The end result is a looser hamburger, ready to be cooked and eaten, too It has nothing to do with industrially packaged.

It is important that the hamburger meat does not stick.

Where to find the best beef burgers, at the click of a button

Discarlux hamburgers are made 100% with high quality beef and made from noble cutswhich come from farms selected for good practices and animal welfare.

Discarlux puts quality above quantity and offers them in itself store In connection different types burger depending on the preferences and tastes of each consumer. Mini European beef burgers are ideal for the little ones of the House. They are very flexible and allow you to experiment with them a thousand and one recipes and Beef burgers 180 grams They have a strong and tender taste.

If what you want is to prove it to the whole world the hamburger is also a gourmet dishyou have to choose Finisterre Burger. Discarlux, supporter of the Fisterra Bovine World breeding project a Galician farm with cows from the 13 best breeds in the world, Offers the Fisterra Bovine World Burger package, including a selection of ingredients premium.

And that’s it, to get the perfect burger, the best meat must be accompanied by high quality products. Therefore, in this package, in meat from Ames Farm Accompanied by 130 degree brioche bread, smoked extra virgin arbequino olive oil from Castillo de Canena, Formaje cheese, seasonal tomatoes and arugula from Huerta de Carabaña, onion confit with wine, a jar of meat mayonnaise with roasted garlic and homemade barbecue sauce with pickles. An authentic treat is available on the Discarlux website for 59 euros and this has nothing to envy to the best hamburger in the world.

Mini hamburgers are very versatile and allow you to experiment with them in a thousand and one recipes.

The ingredient of the best hamburgers in Spain: Discarlux meat

José Portas and Carlos Ronda founded Discarluz in 2005 to serve supermarkets, butchers and many of the most famous restaurants throughout Spain. The origin of one of the best hamburgers in Madrid lies in the selection of meats of this company.

Vanessa San Joseph is the executive chef and owner, along with Alexandra Galvis, from Madrid the bistro, where you can try the ‘La Palma’ hamburger.The best gourmet burger in Spain 2021” and is made with 100% Marela beef aged “DRY AGED by Discarlux. For San Jose, the secret to a good hamburger lies only in having one quality products and a lot of love when making it. “Quality is fundamental for the result to be great. Of course, you also need to know how to deal with it, since a good product with incorrect processing can ruin the dish.”

a problem that certainly does not exist “The Bistromy”. 180 grams of aged Galician meat, 14 months old cheddar cheese, fried onions flambé with bourbon, bacon super crispy smoked meat and smoked butter Korean chili sauce transform this hearty dish the local best-selling hamburger.

was asked by the things people tend to overlook when making a good hamburgerVanessa San José insists on its importance always use high quality meat. also “It is important that the cheeses or any other ingredient is well chosen and that we never overdo the sauces, since an excessive amount can overshadow the rest of the flavors.”

If you want enjoy the best gourmet burger at home, With Discarlux you have it easier than ever. Enter their website and in between 48 and 72 hours you can have the best raw material of the market at your home.

Don’t hesitate and get it barbecue package for 2 (1 beef steak (0.7KG) + 0.5KG female churrasco + 1 creole chorizo ​​+ 1 homemade chorizo ​​+ chistorra) only €45.90, (25% off original price), add the code “twopi”.

In addition, you can continue to enjoy the best Discarlux meat at the best price by taking advantage of all this discounts.

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