The food of the future by Andoni Luis Aduriz, the fifth best chef in the world

A hundred years ago, the most daring entered the 21st century in which people would have wings, cars would fly in the sky and robots would solve every boring job for us. Some also predicted a pill-based diet and machine-generated components. Talk about it Andoni Luis Adurizhis chef Mugaridgein his participation in Food meets sciencethe meeting held at the Teatro Goya in Madrid as an appetizer to the gala The Best Chef.

Just 24 hours later, the award ceremony recognized the pioneering work Aduriz is doing at his restaurant in Guipúzcoa. The chef received the award The best chef sciencean award intended to reward the technical work, innovation and creativity What’s going on in the kitchens?

That wasn’t the only cause for celebration for Andoni Luis Aduriz. Thanks to expert votes, he won his number five spot rankingwhich makes him the fifth best chef in the world.

David Muñoz at The Best Chef Awards

What will the food of the future be like?

“There is no better adaptation strategy than anticipating the future,” Antony said in his speech. To find out what the kitchen of the future will look like, the chef invited us to look back. How did they expect our present a hundred years ago or more? Our chef solves doubts thanks to different books and pictures from the postcards of the French artist Jean-Marc Côté.

In the 19th century, they argued that we can eat with pills, a few capsules that would contain all the necessary calories. “We would transcend the fact that we eat,” commented the chef, leaving behind the act of cooking or sitting at the table to begin feeding from small capsules.

There was also talk, almost a century ago, of what the new technology would bring us: the year 2000 was considered where electricity would have created an impressive change in the food sector, especially in agriculture. I get more abundant and faster harvests it would be possible thanks to the magic of electricity.

In L'An 2000 (1899)
In L’An 2000 (1899)

The robotization it was also a recurring theme, also outside the kitchen: haircuts, construction, even music or education would be done by robots. Of course, these machines would also reach food production, with very fast incubators and steam robot kitchens.

In L'An 2000 (1899)
In L’An 2000 (1899)

Other sources put a plant-based diet of the future, with wooden hamburgers. “New plant varieties will be developed that include more protein and more fat,” Andoni commented.

That sounds like us, right? Synthetic foods, microproteins, biostimulants, probiotics, artificial intelligence, insects, plant proteins, plant-based tissue engineering, stem cell meat replicas, egg alternatives, non-cow milk… These are concepts that are already starting to are you listening “This is the futuristic present”Aduriz pointed out.

Lecture by Anoni Luis Aduriz on
Lecture by Anoni Luis Aduriz on “Food Meets Science”
The Best Chef Awards

But it’s one thing to ask these questions and another thing to be the reality. The chef explained that, in Spain, what is eaten the most is the green salad. The second, the pizza. Meals away from these futuristic theories. “The food of the future will look a lot like something more holistic, which has to do with our perception of well-being. Beyond our responsibilities towards the planet, it will be a creative meal, with a dose of memory and pleasure. Very similar to what we have today and, hopefully, away from these futuristic cases,” he explains.

We live in a difficult time due to climate change. For this reason, Andoni predicts that we will need, in part, all of these creative advances. But, at the same time, he warns of the need to preserve what we know: “FAO warns of this In the last hundred years, a thousand breeds of animals have become extinct. that they fed us and that there is no biotechnology that can replace them. We cooks need to help realize this, because we will end up losing a heritage of 15,000 years.”

Cristina Pedroche's lavish celebration, with a bit of dancing, after Dabiz Muñoz was chosen as the best chef in the world

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