The map of the best hamburger, pizza and taco restaurants in Europe with the best value for money

They eat well does not contradict pay an affordable price. Yes, his fans burgerThe HotdogThe chock, The Pizza and other types of fast food such as sandwichthey can enjoy quality products without spending big in its main cities Europe.

This can be seen from one of his latest rankings Opinion on food (OAD). The site, which specializes in preparing lists of quality restaurants based on the reviews of some of the world’s most powerful culinary influencers, has created a ranking of the best culinary establishments with better value for money of Europe.

This is the Europe Cheap Eats 2022 list, which includes bakeries, patisseries, cafes and places where the specialties are hamburgers, hot dogs, tacos, pizzas and sandwiches.

We have taken these last categories as a reference to elaborate the following interactive map. Click on each spot to discover the best value restaurants on the old continent.

A Spanish restaurant, one of the best

The complete list (including the bakeries and other establishments already mentioned) consists of 75 establishments and in position 56 is the only Spanish representative in relation to the type of food presented in this article.

It is him Mawey’s Taco Bar of Madrid. This Mexican restaurant has two locations in the capital. The first, at number 5 Calle de San Bernardo. The second, at number 6 Olid Street. And it also has a third establishment in Majadahonda (Calle Manuel de Falla, 3).

Dabiz Muñoz at Madrid Fusion.

Thanks to positive customer reviews (4.5 stars out of 5 on TripAdvisor), it was selected in the same company’s 2021 Travelers’ Choice list.

The secret of your success? Fuse Spanish products with Mexican ingredients. In this way, in your letter you can find classic mexican dishes As the homemade guacamole with tortilla chips (€8.80), the huitlacoche and pumpkin flower quesadilla with oaxaca cheese (€7.50) and the al pastor tacos with spring onion, pineapple and cilantro (two units for €8.50).

The Governor's Taco Recipe from Mawey Taco Bar.
The Governor’s Taco Recipe from Mawey Taco Bar.
Mawey’s Taco Bar.

But also Mexican recipes that include products from our country: tacos de Iberian pen with sobrasada, drunk sauce and Mexican cotija cheese (two pieces for €10.60), local tacos Iberian game with oaxaca cheese and tecoripa sauce (two units €11) and quesadilla boiled oxtail with three chili peppers, gamoneu cheese and roasted güero pepper sauce (€10.90).

These original culinary creations bear his signature chef Fernando Carrasco Y Julian Barros. The former has already worked at another Mexican restaurant, Punto MX, while the latter studied at the renowned school Le Cordon Bleu and their specialty is tacos.

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