The sweet potato and carrot burgers that will make you forget the traditional ones

Eating a hamburger is always a good option, but considering how caloric this dish is, most of the time we don’t choose it because of the bloating it can cause.

For this reason, Roberto Bosquet, better known as Chef Bosquet, prepared some vegetarian or versatile burgers (including eggs) for you to eat without regrets, the main ingredients of which are sweet potatoes and carrots.

Long forgotten but resurrected thanks to social media, the sweet potato is a sweet-tasting tuber also known as sweet potato or sweet potato. It is rich in fiber, vitamins (A, C, riboflavin and niacin), proteins, minerals and bioactive compounds (antioxidantswith a significant amount of carotenoids) that make the sweet potato an interesting alternative to add to our diet.

For its part, carrot is diuretic and helps to reduce fluid retention. In addition, it relieves gastric discomfort and helps fight constipation and helps prevent hypertension. It is full of vitamins (especially vitamin A) and minerals, strengthens teeth and gums if eaten raw, although this food should not be abused. An excess of vitamins (hypervitaminosis) is not healthy. Carotenoid consumption should be controlled in the context of a diet rich in vegetables.

Here is the recipe for hamburgers with these two main ingredients of the dish. It’s so hearty that you’ll want to include it in your weeknight dinners, especially for the little ones in the house.


  1. Cook the sweet potato with skin on at maximum power in the microwave.

  2. Peel it, crush it and mix it with grated carrot, almond flour, chopped onion, an egg, salt and spices to taste.

  3. With the help of our hands we will form our hamburgers. Grill them on medium heat so they don’t burn and cook perfectly. And enjoy them!

In addition, this recipe, as Chef Bosquet explains, can be ideal for cooking with the little ones in the house, since they will enjoy the preparation and also eat healthy. It’s exactly what his wife, Laura Álvarez ( @lapediatralaura ), suggests in her recently published book Ready, Ready…Yum! in which, in addition to healthy tips for children’s meals, she provides fun and delicious recipes designed by Chef Bosquet.

Also, learn about other ideas from Chef Bosquet in his book now on sale “Express: my recipes for cooking without time” (Planeta) or on his Instagram account, where he has almost 800,000 followers.

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