There is a traditional sweet shop that has skitte cakes, churros and more Mexican flavors.

Antonia Mía offers some of CDMX’s monstrous Mexican sweets, in some pretty creative flavors that promise to become a favorite of those who try them.

For lovers of sweets and sweet creations, there is nothing like discovering a culinary proposal that takes classic recipes one step further, either by using different ingredients or by reinventing typical dishes of Mexican cuisine. We recently discovered a dessert craft that does just that, offering an excellent menu in which Mexican pastries Esquite, churro and rice pudding. We are talking about Antonia Miaand here we tell you why you should try their creations!

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Antonia Mia defined as a Confectionery with 100% Mexican flavors, and the inspiration behind each of their desserts is undeniable proof of that. It is one dark kitchen – works only with home orders – of sweet and experimental creations, named after its founder’s grandmother and seeking to express the Mexican spirit through authentic desserts that reinvent some of Mexico’s most representative dishes.


Mexican pastries Antonia Mia they are made by traditional and 100% handmade processes, always seeking the privilege of national ingredients, as well as the sensitive memory of their culinary heritage. Each cake has a different female name, with different combinations that make up the perfect dessert for every craving.


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Without a doubt, one of the most popular desserts Antonia Mia it is him mary cakequite a version fluid one of the snacks The most iconic sweets of Mexico, made with vanilla sponge cake and handmade cajeta tar, covered with delicious homemade churros that promise to become a favorite of those who try them.


In case you are a coffee lover, then his cake is worth trying Lola, with intense chocolate sponge cake and coffee tar. For those who can’t resist some good Esquites, the best thing to do is try their cream cheese covered corn cake. The best of all is this Antonia Mia also has one embroidery consists of four slices of different flavors – churro, almond paste, rice milk, pot coffee – which will be the perfect alternative if you can’t choose between them Mexican pastries.


Note: Antonia Mía cakes must be ordered 48 hours in advance.

Website: @antoniamia.pasteleria

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