These Mexican restaurants reinvent traditional recipes

Like Mexican food, there are no two, and wherever you go you will always find a place that is inspired by Mexican cuisine, from pastor tacos to the most famous kitchens that reinterpret traditional dishes, all over the world there is an option to you’ll enjoy unique flavors, so if you’re traveling, whether abroad or domestically, these Mexican restaurants are a must.

5 Mexican restaurants that reinvent traditional cuisine


In the heart of New York you can enjoy the cuisine of Mexican Daniela Soto-Innes, who has been named by The World’s 50 Best Restaurant as the best chef in the world. This place opened its doors in 2014 and with Enrique Olvera as a partner, it has become a favorite thanks to its menu inspired by its Mexican roots.

On its menu you will find guacamole, tlayudas, tacos, skiffs, aguachiles and much more. And of course you can’t miss margaritas. Book here.


If you are in Nuevo León, let yourself be surprised by the proposal of the Rivera Río brothers that explores the cuisine of northeastern Mexico characterized by the intense flavors of dried meat, often citrus, the huasteco tamale accompanied by encacahuatado. You also have fish and desserts inspired by Mexican sweets.

Follow them on social networks because they often have high level guest chefs. Book here.

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Joan Bagur’s (Minorcan chef) love for the ancestral gastronomy of Mexico led him to create this Mexican restaurant in the heart of Barcelona and his specialty is Oaxacan food. Their menu includes pork rinds, habanero sauces, Oaxacan cheese mixiotes, pumpkin flower quesadillas, carnitas and tlayudas. Best of all, you can pair your dishes with mezcal as they have a great selection on their menu. Book here.


In Nuevo Vallarta Mexico there is this restaurant that yes or yes you should know. The cuisine at the hands of Chef Jesús Vázquez is characterized by creativity, with flavors of smoke and firewood, born from the inspiration of local and seasonal products. The chef recommends trying the fresh mussels, seafood lasagna and fresh burrata.

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The taste of Mexico knows no borders, so if you’re in Denmark, make sure you go to this place that stars tacos, although they define themselves as a modern Mexican restaurant. Their menu includes toast, oysters and tingas, and for dessert they offer churros! They also have a “cantina” format where you can try beers and traditional Mexican snacks like guacamole with tortilla chips.

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