This is what the chef’s burgers of the best restaurant in the world are like

The best restaurant in the world is called No mom and it’s in Copenhagen. This part received the title granted by The 50 best restaurants in the world in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2021, thanks to experimental kitchen and innovative. Leaves and flower petals, insects, roots, moss, slugs, reindeer penis… These are some of the dishes on the 670 euro menu created by the chef Rene Redzepi. The Danish chef with three Michelin stars, chosen as the best chef in 2022 in Europe, runs this restaurant and has also opened another in the same city specializing in burger.

It is about and Pop Burger, a facility located in the Christianshavn neighborhood since the end of 2020. Its name comes from the Latin, specifically from the word population, meaning “common people” or “crowd”. A name that is not accidental and that refers to the intention to bring the best quality of food to the majority of the population.

Carlos Alcaraz, at the US Open

organic burgers

At POPL Burger, the raw material is organic meat Danish that comes from farms where cattle roam and graze freely. René Redzepi’s team, made up of Noma veterans, spent months developing the recipes in the fermentation lab. And it is that the quinoa It involves a two-day cooking process until it becomes a hamburger.

The hamburger menu is divided into four options: cheese, vegetarian Y vegetarian for €15.46, respectively. And one Burger specific meat for children which is priced at €14.79.

The fermented quinoa tempeh it is the main ingredient in vegetarian and vegan options. For his part, the beef burger is organic and includes pickled mayonnaise.

the price of one Burger and fries around the 20 euros, an amount that some TripAdvisor users found too high. In fact, most customers praise the quality of the burgers but complain about the price, giving them a three out of five star rating on this review site.

Temporary closure of Noma

2021 was a bad year financially for the best restaurant in the world. The restaurant recorded a net loss of 1.69 million kroner (€227,000) over the past year, it says Bloomberg.

Noma’s team hopes to improve on their numbers in 2022 and 2023, but will take a break before then. Redzepi himself said on his Instagram profile that during the fall and winter, the team will travel around the world “to cook and learn.” In 2023 they will return to the Danish capital to reopen Noma.

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