Three perfect appetizer recipes to prepare in your deep fryer

The air fryer or AirFryer It is one of the latest kitchen innovations that is becoming very fashionable. Thus, this device has become very popular because it allows you to fry food without using oil.

The truth is that the operation of this type of device is quite similar to electric convection ovens or common electric ovens. Inside the machine, the food is subjected to a constant flow of very hot air which circulates homogeneously thanks to an integrated fan circuit.

To cook in the air fryer, you do not need to use hardly any oil so the calories are much less than if we fry the food in a conventional way in a deep fryer or in a pan.

In this way, thousands of dishes can be prepared in the air fryer, perfect for all hours of the day, since the cooking method makes them special healthy and they are delicious.

The air fryer can be used to prepare a delicious salmon with vegetables to eat, even to fry some potatoes or asparagus, among other examples.

However, it also helps us prepare simpler recipes from healthy snacks for snacking between meals.

Here are three healthy snacks you can make in the air fryer with a little oil that will keep you eating healthy. All of these recipes could also be included in a snack dinner.

Fried eggplants

The first recipe we recommend is some deep-fried eggplants. For processing you will need to 1 large eggplant, 60 grams of flour, 2 eggs, 25 grams of breadcrumbs, some cayenne, salt, pepper and spray oil.

For they set up First you have to cut the eggplants into sticks and, in the meantime, prepare the breadcrumbs with the cayenne, salt and pepper in a bowl.

Later you will pass the eggplant sticks through a bowl of flour, through the beaten eggs, and through the breadcrumbs with the spices, following the order.

When you have set the temperature of the fryer to 180ºC, you will place the aubergines on the baking sheet and spray them with oil. Finally, you will transfer them to the fryer and leave them for about 20 minutes, remember to turn them and add more oil if it suits you.

Once they are ready, you can serve them in a bowl with a little sauce in the center, e.g honey or homemade romesco sauce.

banana chips

To prepare the plantain chips in the deep fryer you will need to a banana, olive oil, salt and a lemon or specifically the juice of a lemon.

The Friday It’s very simple. You need to cut the banana into very thin slices, and place them in a bowl to season them with salt and pepper. Then you need to add the lemon juice, salt and olive oil and mix very well so that the ingredients are fully incorporated.

With the air fryer preheated to 200ºC, you will place the banana slices in the machine pan, making sure they are not on top of each other, and cook for about 12 minutes at 180ºC, turning them over. halfway.

When they are ready, you will take them out and serve them on a plate. You can accompany them with sauces such as guacamole, sweet and sour sauce, cream cheese or cheddar cheese.

Homemade tortilla chips or nachos

To make corn chips or nachos in the fryer, you’ll need corn patties, olive oil, salt, and guacamole or hummus for later.

The amount of pancakes It will depend on the people you are with, think of a pancake being cut into eight triangles, like a pizza, so that eight tortilla chips come out of each one.

In this case, for the Friday just cut the pancakes and heat the fryer to 150ºC. Before placing them, sprinkle them well with olive oil and salt. Inside the machine they will cook for about eight minutes, checking that they remain toasted and shaking the basket halfway through cooking.

Once it is ready, choose your favorite sauce, although it is combined with hummus or guacamole. You can prepare both sauces at home or buy them from the supermarket.

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