TODAY’S recipe TODAY’S recipe: Cheeseburger stuffed with cheese



Take the 500 grams of hamburger. In this case it has 75% beef and 25% pork, to give it more juiciness. Season with salt and pepper and mix.


Divide the quantity into four equal parts. Make balls with each of the parts.


Flatten each of the balls and make like Russian steaks but thinner.


Place two slices of cheese on two of the fillets, leaving the other two without anything because they will be the ones that will cover the cheese later. The cheese should be of the Edam or Cheddar type to melt well.


Cover the cheese with the other two fillets that don’t have any. We try to seal it well so that as little cheese as possible comes out when we cook them.


Julienne the onion and keep it until cooked.


Cut the fresh tomato into slices as thin or thick as you like.


Cut the goat cheese (goat roll) into thin slices. If you cut too much fat, you risk the goat cheese canceling out the other flavors. Keep in mind that the goat roll has a strong flavor and you shouldn’t overdo it if you want to have an explosion of flavors in every bite and not just a taste of goat cheese.


Take coconut oil and saute the onion on medium heat. It’s the poached onion of a lifetime. Salt it. Remove and keep when it turns a brown color and becomes almost transparent.


Cook the homemade patties in coconut oil over medium heat. The coconut oil will give it extra juiciness and a very subtle, slightly sweet flavor that will make it seem like you are in other parts of the world and enjoying the best hamburger in the world. Bake for about 4-5 minutes on each side so that it is cooked well inside and the cheese melts well. This time depends on how thick you have given the hamburgers. If they are thinner you will need less time.

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