Tricks from chef Enrique Sánchez de Cómetelo to quickly whip cream and not put it down! (with video)

definitely at some point you have whipped cream and, after a while, he came down and spoiled the sweet. In fact you have not done anything wrong, that the cream loses volume and becomes more fluid is a natural process.

So how do pastry shops do with those whipped cream cakes that never lose their shape? Enrique Sánchez, chef of the Canal Sur Cómetelo program, has a trick that works to achieve consistent, tasty and long-lasting whipped cream.

But before you start whipping the cream, there is one basic and essential tip that the chef makes very clear.

“What makes whipped cream cream is the fat. For this reason, you need to use a special liquid whipping cream, with a fat content of at least 35%”

Enrique Sánchez’s trick to keep the whipped cream from coming down

Once he has whipped the cream with the sugar, Enrique Sánchez adds some cream cheese and mixes it well with the whipped cream. You can use a spatula or the same sticks you used to apply the cream. This ingredient makes the cream firm and prevents it from crumbling and collapsing.

Enrique Sánchez’s tricks for whipping cream faster

The chef at Cómetelo also has his own tricks to whip the cream faster. Of course, the first is to use electric wands, which get the job done not only in less time, but also with much less effort.

Many people add it at the beginning, but Enrique Sánchez prefers to do it when the cream is already whipped. So some of the work is already done and the sugar is incorporated more quickly.

  • Cold speeds up the process. The fact that the cream is cold and also the container in which we will beat it makes the cream beat faster. Therefore, you can keep both the bowl and the sticks and the cream itself in the fridge (or freezer) for a while before whipping the cream.
  • The type of sugar matters. Of course you can whip the cream with white sugar but, as Enrique Sánchez says, if you choose powdered sugar, being finer, it “mixes quickly with the cream”.
  • Time to add the sugar.
    Add sugar to the whipped cream

And one last tip from Enrique Sánchez about whipped cream

Enrique Sánchez says in his video that if the cream overheats, it can be cut. “If we keep beating it once it’s ready, we’ll end up with butter.” That’s why he doesn’t recommend whipping the cream into a robot, because it’s better to keep an eye on the spot at all times. When the sticks start to leave a mark on the cream and this mark does not fade, the cream is already whipped.

And, in any case, you can always do the Enrique Sánchez trick to check if the cream is well whipped. “Be careful, it might fall on your head,” is the chef’s formula, and it consists of nothing more or less than turning the bowl where the cream has been whipped and checking that it does not fall.

Whipped cream Enrique Sánchez
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