Vegetarian: 6 Vegetarian Restaurants in Buenos Aires to Visit on the Weekend

The culinary suggestions become more extensive and varied in City of Buenos Aires. There is something for everyone and, in recent years, the exclusive offer for vegetarians or those who choose it “plant based”or of plant origin, grew from the piles.

At the same time, new neighborhoods entered the culinary scene, so it will always be possible find a place close to home.

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The combinations are surprising for the incredible flavors that are achieved, sometimes even with unexpected ingredients.

With the addition of legumes, vegetable proteins and also traditional vegetables, this type of cuisine is increasingly chosen by guests who have decided to change their diet for environmental awareness, animals and also in the pursuit of health.

6 Vegetarian Restaurants You Must Visit This Weekend

1- Side V, Palermo

It is considered the first “street food 100% Plant Based”. It is at Honduras 4969.

Lado V offers a spacious place to hang out with friends and enjoy the most original dishes. (Photo: Instagram).

Stand out from the varied menu of the I am going with marinated tofu, pickles, hoisin sauce and roasted peanuts. It also offers an original product like the not fried chicken, with a special and very attractive colored bread.

They describe themselves as “the most instagrammable/tiktokeable place in the whole of AMBA”, and they have what. Neon lights, lots of mirrors, patterned walls and vintage decor that invite you to linger and enjoy.

  • Itineraries: open daily, Monday from 5 to 1, Tuesday from 1 to 1, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 10:30 to 2, and Friday and Saturday 10:30 to 5.

Spring Day: the Irish bar for the best beers, with happy hour and live music

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2- Mint, San Telmo

It is at Boulevard Caseros (altitude 454) of the historic neighborhood of San Telmo,. In a relaxed and slightly more traditional atmosphere, it offers a menu linked to conscious nutrition.

Earthy flavors, extremely natural. Some of the suggestions preferred by visitors are Mushroom Veggie Burger, Yaman Sushi Roll, Avocado Oquis and Veggie Pizza.

Hiervabuena’s “black empanadas”. (Photo: Instagram- @hierbabuenarestaurant).

It also has two other branches with somewhat different proposals: Organic Market & Bakery, in Avenida homemade 458Y Vegan Burger & Ice Creamon the same street as 466.

  • Itineraries: Monday from 9 to 17 and from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 to 00.

3- Veggie Style, Palermo

Vegan and vegetarian, the local FitzRoy 1941, brings a different proposition. They only operate with delivery and take away.

One of its star products is seitn, a food preparation based on wheat gluten used in vegan recipes as a substitute for meats, because of its texture and taste. They incorporate it into sandwiches, wraps and burgers.

seitn is a Veggie Style star product. (Photo: Instagram – @estiloveggie).

On the other hand, they also make many dishes with toffAs the Burrito which has rice, black bean paste, lettuce, spinach, ‘veganesa’, sauteed onion and peppers.

Itineraries: by Rappi and Orders Now, by 11:30 am to 3:30 p.m. and from 7:30 p.m. until 23:30 pm

4- Buenos Aires Verde, Palermo and Belgrano

It is the famous chef’s restaurant Mauro Massimino. Offers raw, vegan and vegetarian foods. He managed to transfer the techniques of traditional cooking to this type of food in a proposal that was made exclusively based on plants and legumes.

It has two branches: one in Beanie 5657Palermo, and the other in Vidal 2226, Belgrano.

Buenos Aires Verde is Mauro Massimino’s suggestion. (Photo: Instagram – @buenosairesverde).

The menu consists of the most varied and sophisticated offerings, including tapas-style “small plates” such as vegetable sausages, and traditional dishes.

  • Itineraries: Monday to Saturday from 9 to 00.

5- Sanctuary, Palermo

“Food of the world based on plants and fungi,” it indicated. The black pie It is without a doubt a must at Sacro and a favorite of regular customers.

In addition to the culinary offer, the place stands out for its beauty “Jungle Yard”, heated and suitable rain for storms. They also offer snacks and “soft”: small dishes for the entranceideal for sharing.

  • Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 12 to 2

Sacro is already a vegetarian classic. (Photo: Instagram – @sacroresto).

6- Green Factory, dedicated village

Offers sandwiches, hamburgers and desserts 100% vegetables. Located at Sanabria 4509, it delivers and operates with a take away system.

Green Factory offers on-the-go dining options. (Photo: official site).

Place is distinguished from being “food on the go” and also offers the possibility to sit at the tables placed on the sidewalk.

  • Hours: every day 12 to 3:30 p.m. and from 7 to 22:30.

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