what is its lifespan?

what is its lifespan?

Many parents decide to get a dog to keep their children company. Unfortunately, the pain of the latter is often great when the animal expires.

Lifespan of man's best friends.

For animal lovers, separation from comrades and the sadness it brings is inevitable. Really,a person has a longer life expectancy than a pet. This is especially true for cats and dogs. However, if separation is a mustyou can prepare for this. In this article, we will focus on the case of dogs. Among other things, we will talk about what the master can do to promote better longevity to your animal.

Man and dog: an ephemeral friendship

As mentioned earlier, human life expectancy is longer than that of domestic animals. AT world-class, human one can hope to live about 70 years old. In the EU, people can expect another 10 years.

A dog is man's best friend, but their life expectancy is very different.

On the other hand, a dog lives an average of 11 years. I must say that the life expectancy of a dog is about seven times lower than that of a human. O domestic catit lives an average of two years longer than its canine rival.

However, this average life expectancy has improved significantly over time. BUT Royal Canin Researchpublished in 2012 confirms this. Royal Canin announced 20% increase in the lifespan of dogs and cats. This discovery takes as a point of reference the life expectancy of these animals ten years earlier.

Significant improvement resulting from best diet and to a healthier lifestyle. However, mainly due to in the field of veterinary medicine which is constantly progressing.

If these criteria are external to the dog, other dog-specific variables such as size and breed are also very important. Usually a dog Big size live much less than the other from small size. However, there are exceptions to this rule.

Dog size matters a lot

In Japanresearchers conducted work almost on 300,000 dogs. The results of their study showed that The bigger this fang, the more its durability suffers. In addition, mongrels will also live an average year longer than purebred dogs. Of course, this last remark applies to creatures of almost the same size.

A large dog ages faster than a small one.
Source: tvm.fr

Why does a large dog have a shorter lifespan?

According to a study published in 2017, everything happens during a dog’s childhood. During this period, puppies that will become imposing own special metabolism. Specifically, their body will consume a lot of energy to grow quickly and reach their adult size.

Unfortunately, this process leads to a lot of free radicals. They may have negative effects on the aging of the animal. Therefore, a diet rich in antioxidants from a dog’s childhood has the potential to increase its lifespan. However, there is nothing definite about this yet.

Exception proves the rule?

Therefore, size matters a lot when it comes to a dog’s longevity. However, there are many breeds that are exceptions to this rule. in English bulldog and shar-peifor example, live on average six years old despite their small size. On the other hand, the golden retriever (large size) has a fairly good lifespan of 12 years.

What can an owner do to increase their dog’s lifespan?

If the breed of a dog is of great importance, this is not the only factor to consider. Indeed, his genetic heritage, his lifestyle and especially his veterinary care are just as important.

genetic heritage

Crossbreeding different breeds makes it possible to get new breeds of dogs.

Man, like a dog, can transmit hereditary diseases Where genes “defaulters” to their offspring. Therefore, knowing the health status of the parents can be helpful. On the other hand, you should know that dog says “pooch” It has greater resistance to certain hereditary problems. Which could be the reason for its longer service life.

Sometimes dog breeds have a predisposition to some fairly noticeable diseases. The dogs whose flattened muzzle have, for example, a shorter life expectancy. The point is that they prone to breathing problems. However, the problems are not always so obvious.

Healthy lifestyle, the foundation of your health

The dog needs exercise and communication with peers.

A dog, like other animals, needs a healthy lifestyle. Thereby, his diet should be brought to the fore. Really, balanced diet and quality increases your chances of living longer. It must match it nutritional and energy needs. He must also stay hydrated. Therefore, attention must be paid to the purity of his bowl. In fact, an animal may refuse to drink if it feels that its water is not good.

A dog, like its owner, needs regular exercise. Therefore, he needs to regularly walk and do various events. In addition, the pet must also have social interactions with peers. These good habits allow him, in particular, develop mentally as well as maintain your mental health. In this way, the owner will be able to avoid the risk of developing behavioral problems in their dog.

Finally good respectful and consistent education should not be neglected. This will help him, among other things, not to endanger himself.

Vet visits

The dog needs regular visits to the vet.

As mentioned above, the average lifespan of today’s dogs is much better than it was two decades ago. Specifically, these are advances in veterinary medicine who are responsible for this development. In addition medical instruments as treatment equally more efficient.

Therefore, it is recommended to take the dog to certified veterinarian, once or twice a year. This will help identify any health problems earlier. A professional can also check if he has a suitable diet. It will also see if the animal is properly vaccinated, downtrodden as well as sterilized. It should be noted that these preventive measures contribute to the long life of the dog.

What breed of dog to choose?

In general, when a person chooses a dog, he is guided by its appearance or its breed. However, there is also a factor to consider before adoption: life expectancy. This is all the more important if the dog designed for a child. The latter will indeed have It’s harder to get over the loss of your best canine friend.. And yet it is inevitable.

There are over 300 dog breeds in the world.

Here are examples of breeds that live long:

– corgi;

– Lhasa Apso;

– Australian Cattle Dog;

– shih tzu;

– dachshund;

– chihuahua;

– Yorkshire Terrier;

– poodle;

– Jack Russell Terrier.

Among this list, chihuahua counts the smallest dog. He is also known as the man long life span.

In contrast, the following races have shorter lifespans:

– bullmastiff;

– Leonberger;

– St. Bernard;

– Great dog.

How do you know if your dog is aging?

While aging doesn’t happen overnight, it’s best to detect it early. After all, the dog also feels the weight of years. Therefore, its owner will have to adapt your habits to changes in the dog.

The aging of the dog is more or less noticeable in its characteristics.

However, the owner should already know that his companion is aging. Usually, changes seem invisible at first, but discoverable. The basis is a good knowledge of the animal and its habits. Moreover, changes are usually physical and psychological.

On the physical level his hair is dull and become slightly grey. The animal can also gain or lose weight and become slower when walking. In addition, he gets tired faster than before and perhaps even mobility difficulties.

Psychologically, he will become, among other things, less valiant as well as less desire to walk.

When this happens it no need to force do what he did before. The only thing to do is adapt to your new rhythm as well as to his new needs. When in doubt, even better consult a professional. The vet knows how to respond.

Here’s what you need to know around the world about dog lifespan. Please note that getting a dog great responsibility. As mentioned earlier, the animal is indeed need special carebut mostly time. Therefore, the future master must prepare himself, both mentally and emotionally and financially, to receive a beginner.

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